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«.. saw myself as one of a brotherhood of reptilian warriors... they are different aspects of myself ».. What is it - imagination of the singer, or ancient genes, activated by meeting with reptoid, what David Icke spoke about (p.115)?

As it was already said above, the kidnapping of women by various humanoids due to myths and legends can be seen through out of all the history of mankind. In the beginning they in the image of gods and angels tempted beautiful girls. 

                                   angel&woman175.jpg (25723 bytes)  pagee175womangod.jpg (18545 bytes)               

With the introduction of Christianity, they were afraid to be exposed and that is why they appeared, basically, to witches. There are many stories about love connections of witches with demons (Pazuzu) and devils (Naga) in  Medieval manuscripts.

When devils materialized  they often accepted various forms. The book written in 1489 by Ulrich Molitor «De Laniis et phitonicis mulieribus”, contains numerous illustrations of demons, which appeared before women in various forms for sexual satisfaction. Here the scene of dating of the witch with something half-human is shown.


In the book by Olaus Magnus «Historia de gentibus septentrionalibus» 1555 among many illustrations of demons there is a scene of kidnapping a witch by a devil for the same purposes of sexual satisfaction .

In the illustration of the French manuscript of the 16th century (Paris Bibliotheque nationale) there represented a devil with a woman in a bed.


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