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                                          The first photo of the Arc.

In 1977 Ron and his sons visited Turkey for the first time and saw an interesting object. It turned out that form and size of object corresponded to the form and size of the bible Arc, and Ron had no doubt that it was Noah’s Arc but the considerable money resources were necessary for the detailed researches of the object and Ron didn’t have it at that time.

In 1978 in this area of Turkey an earthquake took place as a result of which the ground surrounding the Arc settled having opened the boards of the Arc and along the Arc there appeared a deep crack. The last circumstance allowed Ron to take tests of the materials for researches from the depth of the Arc.


In the beginning it was noticed that the edges of the object represent mining material with symmetrically hilly surface reminding the form of a log. 

Geophysical researches showed that it was not homogeneous natural material, but a craft of human hands. Then with the help of molecular generator it was possible to find out, that it was a petrified wooden product.

It is necessary to notice that in this territory the vegetation is very poor and a sickly tree can hardly be met here. The metal detector allowed to find out a set of iron fastenings on the symmetric distance from each other,  

which, obviously, fixed the wood as follows: 


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