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Not far from the place where the Arc had been found the huge stones with a round hole  in their top were found. The aperture was made in such a way that a knot of the rope could be placed and kept in it. There is no doubt that these were the anchors of the Arc (ships used to have several floating anchors on both sides  of the vessel - for balance). 


On stones there are 8 crosses were found: in the middle there is a large cross symbolizing Noah, lower there are 3 smaller crosses (sons) and 4 small crosses (women). By the way, near the Arc there is a village name “The Village of eight”, obviously named in such a way in honor of Noah’s family – its first settlers.

The Turkish announced these places the national park. They built research and tourist centers near the Arc (so close, that is possible to look at the Arc through the window).



In the photo: February, 1987 - Press conference. Sevket Ikinsi from government (Agri - Ararat) and Ron Whiett. Official registration of the find of Noah’s Arc.

God helped Ron to find the Arc in our time, that we did not doubt that the Great Flood really took place and it is in God’s authority to send another accident on the unrighteous.

                       Sodom and Gomorrah

       «Then the LORD rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the LORD out of heaven» (Gen.19:24).

Until recently the historians doubted whether Sodom and Gomorrah existed or not, and many people considered it as an fiction. But the Bible is true, and nothing in it is an fiction. The existence of these cities in the antiquity was confirmed by written documents of that time found in the beginning of 90-s.

In 1989 the ruins of these cities were found in the area of the Dead Sea. For the first sight they were look  like odd form mountains. At closer sight it turned out that this are the ruins of the real cities! With streets, a square, an city wall and a temple. And in hundred yards from the city gate there is the remaining of the statue of sphinx. When the researcher had taken these «stone adjournment» they crushed in his hands, like sand. 

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