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The cult of Mary is not Christianity. It is Satan’s doctrine, stylized under Christianity. Therefore not by chance the cult wonderfully gets along with black magic and various satanic religions. So, Voodoo (in Africa, South America, Haiti and in New Orleans) is a mixture of Catholicism and West African religion. The admirers of Voodoo sacrifice animals, practice evoking of “spirits” (i.e. demons) with the purpose of obtaining them. Whirling in a mad dance under drum-type fraction, some of them fall into a trance and begin to speak and to act from the name of evil spirit. They drink blood of a victim, thus gratifying the god. In Voodoo practitioners worship Erzulie, whose avatar or totem is a water snake. She represents the Virgin Mary, the Black Virgin, or Earth Goddess.

In Chichicastenango, in Guatemala, the Mayan rituals are carried out inside of the Catholic Church while the Catholic priest performs a Mass. It became so popular, that it is shown in Guatemala’s tourist brochures.

In Mexico the images and statues of Mary can be found almost everywhere: at bus stations, in shops, on the houses, on gas stations. Even far from settlements: on the mountains and in caves. We visited one of such caves. It was statue of Maria in the center there, and from at each side of the statue – the crucifixion of Jesus , and everywhere – photos and driving licenses of the dead. The Mexicans ask Mary to have a mercy on their dead relatives.

In Philippines during Holy week, that happened before Easter, “public rituals” are held . They include “expiatory processions” of hundreds of people, whipping themselves on the backs till they faint covered with blood. Some people crucify themselves (remaining there for a short time). As you can see, all these traditions are far from Christianity.

In Brazil, the most Catholic country, there are 115 million of Catholics (93 %), or 12 % of all Catholic church of the world. However, more, than half of Brazil Catholics, are engaged into spirit rapping, they practice magic and consult witches. The religions, to which Brazilian Catholics frequently turn over  are a kind of Voodoo: Umbanda, Macumba, Kardecism, and Santeria.


This is Macumba church (in the photo). Externally  there is nothing differs from Catholic church. However Macumba practices sacrifices of animals, evoking of spirits, falling into the trance during dance or smoking hashish.

And in this picture you can see ~Mary of Macumba - Changó-Ochosi or St. Barbaba.

                                                                                                                    page7025.gif (64664 bytes)

Pay attention: she holds in her hands the same bowl, as Mother - Church. It is the same bowl, which the Babylon prostitute from Revelation holds: the bowl is filled with nasty things: idolatry, reference to the dead, the service to devil and a lies.

                                               page7026.gif (80007 bytes)

In the picture above , there in the center, like in all Catholic churches is always dead Jesus - Olorun-Olofi.

From the top right  male deities are represented : Orúnla: St. Francis; Oggún: St. John the Baptist, or St. Peter; Elegguá: St. Anthony, or the Guardian Angel. On the left - female: Oshum - Our Lady of Mercy, Obatalá: - the mother of the gods, Yemayá - virgin. Changó, Obatalá, and Yemayá, are the holy trinity!

Chango is a sister and lesbian lover of Oshum... She is also the lover of Oya, Oggun’s wife, therefore Oggun hates Chango. Yemayá (virgin) had 14 children from her son Olorun -Jesus... The gods of Macumba can’t brag of their sinless way of life.

The cult of Mary so peacefully gets along with satanic doctrines, because it represents  the satanic doctrine itself.

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