Hi. My name is Irina. I was born in Russia in 1961. My childhood and school years were spend in Odessa (Ukraine). In 1983 I graduated historical- philological faculty of Russian State University. Worked at school as teacher, then as secretary of municipal public organization, a non-staff correspondent of republican newspaper. When the ”perestroika”  began, I worked in a personnel department of commercial bank.

 I was married twice. Two children from two marriages: son now is 22, daughter -17. In 1998 I met my present husband Berry and moved with my children to US. And our meeting and events before our meeting and our moving – everything was so unusual, that any theory of probability would not explain all incidents accompanying that, as just a set of accidents.

When my bank has gone bankrupt, and together with it two largest factories of my city, it become almost impossible to find some job. Those small savings remained after working in my bank were gone soon. The alimony and subsidies had disappeared also. Even my ability to save on everything could not help any more. Slowly, but sure, as many Russians at that time, we became to fall into poverty. I did not know how to support my children, and then I began to ask God for help. And He did help. The help was so unusual and so unpredictable, that I did not have any doubt that it was His help. After that I did not call myself atheist any longer. Thus God came into my life.

I began going to church. However a fuss in church, candles, icons – everything in there seemed to me so miserable. I did not know, what kind of worship God expects from us, but I felt, that all this church's tinsel is only a shadow of the true worship. And what is the truth was possible to find out only by reading His Word.

 In US I was presented with Bible in Russian, and for the first time in my life I had opened this book. At first I tried to find any historical or logical mistakes in it. The history always was my true passion, and I more than once had regretted that I had chosen philology instead of history. And logic was one of my most favorite subject in university, in logic I always felt confidently. I didn’t call myself an atheist anymore, though despite of all help I received from God in all my affairs I still could not believe in Him completely.  Raised on atheism I still in the depth of my soul hoped, that Bible as the ancient book, was written for illiterate people, therefore I, for sure, would be able to find some mistakes.

Bible had stunned me: I could not find ANY mistake in it. I understood, that Bible is universal book. It is for people of all ages, of all educational levels. Everyone will find in it an answer for any difficult situation. Since then Bible for me became the most fascinating, wisest, most sacred book of all. Holy Scriptures about Eternal Truth. As the well-known British preacher Charles Spurgeon had noticed: «Nobody ever outgrows Scriptures; the book widens and deepens with our years”.

I had repented all my sins and had asked God the Father and God the Son for forgiveness for the pain, which they went through to save me. And Jesus had cleansed all my nature. Then I finally became the believer.

Because my husband spent a lot of time at work, I had all opportunities for deep Bible study. The Internet, all search programs, large library – everything was available for me. At first I had a strong desire to inform my friends in Russia about what I had learned about God. And I began to make different abstracts, notes. However the material had been accumulated more and more,  I wanted to inform about everything, and I did not know, how. Then idea about the book suddenly came to my mind. Never in my life I thought of writing a book. When the idea came, I constantly began to think how to make it come through.

 One evening we were driving home after my husband's job. The husband was driving and I fell asleep. I don't even know how can I describe what had happened to me. Right through my dreams three very bright flashes of light had stroke my eyes. In every flash there were numbers:  5…5…32. The light was not  from outside, it came from inside of me. 

It had awaked me right away.  «That’s strange... What a nonsense”,- I thought  and decided to continue to sleep. I had fallen asleep again. And again the same flashes with numbers had woken me up. «That never happened with me before. May be these are games of my imagination? May be I worked so hard therefore my brain doing itThose days I worked with Bible prophecies, and I had to compare many various historical dates. «Maybe something had happened May 5,1932?», - I had thought. «No. Nothing memorable happened at that time...»,- I close my eyes and fell asleep again. And, finally, the third time the same flashes with the same numbers had woken me up completely. Then I understood that it is not my imagination. We were close to home, I came into the house and first I opened my Bible. The 5-th book , the 5-th chapter, 32 verse. There in Old and New Testament was the message for me. From that time on I knew that my book will be published.

God helped us with money to publish my book «I stand at the door and knock». It was one of His many miracles, which God had shown to us. For the book I had not received a dime, the book is free-of-charge for everyone who is wishing to learn the truth.

In US we attended the large Sunday church. By studying Bible, I came to understanding, that we should attend a church that worships on Saturday – the day intended by God Himself for worshiping Him. I asked the pastor to allow me to speak before the church audience about the necessity to observe God’s day. The pastor told, that he knows about the necessity, but he can not allow me to speak, because if the church will change the day of worship, it will lose 2/3 of its membership.

 Then we moved to another place, and there absolutely by an accident  we found an Adventist church, which worships on Saturdays. Thus we became Adventists.

In our church people didn’t speak much about Ellen White, whom the majority of Adventists consider as their prophet of God. And when they spoke, I didn’t pay much attention to it. A couple times I began to read her books, however could not read long because of her heavy sluggish style. Obviously therefore I never was her fan, though perceived the people, who adored her too much, with patience and understanding.

Then we began to travel. We were in Adventist churches of states of Washington, Texas, California, Utah, in Canada and Mexico. And then I was completely struck with a degree of adoration of her as prophet of God, the degree sometimes reaching a fanaticism. I became upset a lot when people in churches were quoting her more often, than the Bible.

I could not understand, why the church, that pays real attention to the Bible study, makes such huge mistakes in an explanation of Bible prophecies. I tried to show to others, that what the church teaches about the prophecies  contradicts the Bible. And when I tried to show them that in the Bible, I was shocked with their answers: " We do not need you to show anything. It is difficult to understand Bible, we only will be confused. We have the guide, she already had explained to us everything exactly as God had shown to her". And I saw, that Bible speaks differently.

To avoid the conflicts, I tried not to speak about prophecies with Adventists at all. I spoke about it only with my husband. However God had another plan for me.

God made so that not to speak about prophecies was simply impossible for me. Our friends from Canada came to us with the missionary purpose. One was the pastor, another – sponsor. The sponsor brought to us some boxes with Adventist literature. The pastor came to present a series of lectures. We did not know, what he will preach about. It appeared, that his lectures were about "Revelation" of John. I could not calmly listen them. Everything was wrong! My husband, by knowing, that I disagree with what the pastor preaches, sometimes had started our disputes by himself. I have found, that every time, when I specified some mistake, the pastor could not accept my explanations, because there was other explanation based on other mistake - a mistake on a mistake.

 After they have left, NBC began to broadcast a series of lectures of the well known Adventist pastor – Doug Batchelor. The lectures were about "Revelation" again. All together there were 20 lectures. Each day was one. And each time, when we were watching the presentation I showed to my husband places in the Bible, where the pastor obviously had made mistakes. At last I had seen the root of misunderstanding of the prophecies was in works of Ellen White. The good thing was now we had all her books and books of all leading Adventist authors, and I could see clearly where the problem lays.

After 20 evenings of hearing how the Bible was distorted, and all prophecies were overturned upside down, I was almost sick. And then my husband told me: «Listen, if you think that you are right, and others are wrong, why don’t you put it all on paper? Write, what you think is correct ».

 Now, looking back, I think, how it turned out, that I had taken such simple words almost as the commandment? At once in my head I had the order: «you have to do that! ». And I began my work right away.

I know, that the Spirit was with me at that time. A lot of unusual things had happened to me. First, it was just crazy speed of work. For two weeks I not only had read 2/3 of the Bible twice, beginning from the book of Ezra and up to the end, I also had summarized all prophecies about Second coming on sheets of paper. And everything I read, was stored in my head in ideal order.

Secondly, I completely stopped to sleep, and I did not want to sleep. A couple of first days I did not sleep a one minute neither night, nor day. It was absolutely unusual for me, as I never before had any problems with sleeping, and, if for some reason I had no opportunity to sleep at night, I would fall asleep at some time during the day.  At that time everything was different. I felt as if I constantly drank strong coffee (we didn’t even have any coffee in home). In my brain incessantly Bible verses were joined one to another.

I discovered for myself, that sleep is not always a body’s requirement, mostly it is pleasure. It was very unpleasant: to look in a ceiling all night long and listen my husband’s snoring. Therefore I got a soporific of two kinds. I had taken both, and... nothing. Nothing worked and at the next day, and on the following day ... Only when the frame of my work was finished , the Spirit had left me, and I returned to my usual life.

After that I continued to work with prophecies for some months. Now I know, how it is to work under management of Holy Spirit. It was not easy. I did not know what to begin with, how to explain this or that, but the Spirit directed me. Sometimes I even felt His hot presence.

When everything was ready, I with big joy presented my work to Adventist church. I did not care that someone will remember my name (on the cover of my first book there is no my name even was mentioned), I thought, that everyone who will read it , will see, that there is only truth in my work, that a person oneself, without help of the Holy Spirit, can not present all prophecies in such ideal order. I thought, that the truth is more important than traditions for all true Christians... I was mistaken. I have received many insults from not very good Christians, and mistrust - from the good ones.

I have understood, that my work requires a completion. More than two years I spent working on that. And today with absolute responsibility I  can declare before any Christian organization, before any well known Christian preacher of any country, that the given work about Bible prophecies is the most exact work ever written about prophecies, because the given work is based on ALL Bible prophecies about the Second coming; and explanations of all the prophecies in the given work are submitted in complete coordination with each other.

I had made my homework, now it is your turn, reader. The main message of the given work is that the Kingdom of Heaven is not gift of God, but award for the saved people. It can be earned not by deeds of the Law, but by deeds of love. Second coming of Jesus according to Jubilee year, is very soon. We will see by our own eyes, how some of the believers will be taken to heaven, and others will be left on the earth to cleanse it from the corpses of the wicked (all those who will accept the mark of the beast). No one church teaches that, however that what the Bible says. 

Mahatma Gandhi ones said: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”.  I already had the ignoring, laughter and opposition to my work. There is no time to continue the arguing. Our generation is the last one, and we need to understand that the knowledge that God offered us today gives us more opportunities to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven than any other generation before us. And  For everyone to whom much is given, of him shall much be required; and of him to whom men entrust much, they will require and demand all the more” (Luke 12:48).

Please, read my work, and I pray that Holy Spirit will show you the truth of His Word.

Irina Ball