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46. The Last  Question.  Aliens or demons? 

Bible clear tells that:

1) angels, who had sinned before the Flood  were cast down to the pit, in the underground prison (2Pet.2:4; 1Pet.3:18,19; Jude 1:6; Phil.2:10); 

2) there are demons under ground as well (Luke 8:31);

3) these demons and fallen angels will be released, when the 5th trumpet will sound and the abyss will be open (Rev.9:2,3);

4) after the 6th trumpet the fallen angels and demons will create a world war and will participate in it actively (Rev.9:14, 17-19; Joel 2:2-10);

5) together with Satan they will be cast down to the pit again after the Second coming of Jesus (Isaiah 24:21, 22; Ezekiel 31:16);

6) after the 1000 years they will be released  (Rev.16:13-14) to be conquered and eliminated forever. 

Jesus’ coming is very soon and we can expect that all those creatures could become more active as they were just before His first coming. In fact, they do. These are countless Mary’s apparitions, blood weeping icons, miracles of changing a Eucharist into a flesh and wine into a blood. But these kind of miracles are for religious people only. As our world becoming more and more atheistic Satan has prepared for humanity a more clever deception: aliens.

There is no way to reject their existence anymore. Besides of countless encounters with them, we are receiving their messages with crop circles on a regular base. Many accept now that UFOs exist, but they do not want to talk about those who built them, like UFOs are not artificial machines but a some natural phenomenon. If we accept that UFOs exist, we accept that "aliens" exist also. The question is not about do they exist or not, the question is who they are? Churches do not want to talk about them.  Therefore people found out about them from other, non-Christian sources. This situation is very dangerous because the time for the "first contact" is very close. When they will come, it will be much more difficult to convince people that so-called "aliens" didn't come from other planets, but live just below us for centuries. 

By search programs you can find lots of information about different “ancient masters” and gods, who communicate with people today (http://www.maitreya-edu.org/; http://kryon.com/k_20.html; http://www.angelfire.com/ut/branton/sanat.html;  …). They all prepared people to the close first contact with them. Check out websites about Nesara, you will find there messages from Sananda, who is claiming to be Jesus Himself, from St.Germain and others creatures (http://www.sanandaseagles.com/; http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com )

They are appearing to people by walking through walls and they can disappear instantly. Check out what they are talking about themselves. They are talking about “Galaxy Federation”, about another planets and they said that they are living in a beautiful and very advanced kingdom … under the earth. They are ready to show up to all humanity very soon also.  
Instead of following to ostrich’s politics and letting NA to take advantage of people’s confusion regarding “aliens”, we need to tell the truth about them openly now, while it is not too late. We, Christ believers, do not afraid of them, because they will come only to unbelievers (Zech.5:1-4; Rev.9:4), but it doesn’t mean that we should not aware others about them. Today many people do not want to listen about God, Jesus and Judgment Day. They believe more to cosmic energies, evolution, astrology and mother Earth. They believe that aliens from another planet created a human by adding two chromosomes to a chimpanzee’s DNA. We need to show them that “aliens”  (humanlike, reptilelike and their biological robots - greys ) haven’t come first in 1940s as it widely accepted. They are the same old demons, fallen angels and their creations made by genetic experimentations, who were known to people from antiquity. When people will understand that, many of them will come to Christ for protection (“And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire” Jude 1:23).

All world mythology is telling us about some mystical creatures who live in underground or waters, in places which are very difficult for people to reach: caves, mountains, deep forests, cemeteries, abandoned houses and wells, savaged lakes and so on. All that places could have entrances to the underworld. Myths also telling that these creatures are fighting with each other for a power. You can see by yourself that there are no difference between “aliens” and mythological creatures.

1.First of all - the appearance of the aliens. Some of them do not differ externally from people, but the majority has external characteristics of underground inhabitants and reptiles like most mythological creatures have.

2.They avoid a bright midday sun, especially greys and reptoids (human- reptile form), and occur before people basically at night, as well as all the essences of the inferno.  

3.They frequently have a sulfur smell. The myths say that deuces have such a smell.

4. After the crushing of the alien spacecraft near Roswell in 1947 the physiology of the greys was examined well enough. They do not have reproductive organs as well as any inner organs at all. A man or cow blood is necessary for them to maintain their vital form. They soaking it in through their skin. They are responsible for the murders of people and cows by using a strange method, when all the blood was absolutely extorted out of the victim, as vampires and werewolves did.

 5.They can be invited by performing special rituals of black magic. With the help of a magic Alester Crowely, the theorist of high masonry, in 1904 in Cairo (Egypt) came in contact with a being, which was very similar to a modern gray "alien". The result of this contact was a satanic  “Book of the Law”, in which it was affirmed, that «a desire is a law», and any actions can be justified by a desire. 

 6.They can pass through the walls, occur from nowhere and disappear, move subjects by mind, make a man motionless during the kidnapping, put him into the hypnotic condition, erase from his memory the violence. As ferries, trolls and other beings from myths did.

7.They occur before a man, often ignoring his strong unwillingness to see them. As demons and jennies did.

8.They constantly hide themselves and carefully destroy any traces of their visits, trying to create the visibility that they do not exist . Myths are filled of stories how different fantastic beings desperately followed those men who dared to steal some, even very little thing, from their world. Recently they have changed their tactics. Look at  the number 15.  

9.Sometimes they hide themselves inside of a man and control him, often in spite of his will. As demons do.

 10.After the kidnapping they receive physical and intellectual control above the former kidnapped. They can communicate with him telepathically, creating voices inside of him. They say that he is a favored one and promise the award for assistance in execution of their purposes. They can force a man to execute something against his will, including raping, heavy crime and suicide. Often at the beginning of their control a man thinks about them as of kind and careful creatures, but later they will show their anti-human nature any way. They are demons and as all demons they hate a human. 

11. They say about themselves that they are representatives of Light, or the highest spiritual energy, and they want to bring Light to people to help us to achieve the highest spirituality, without which the mankind doomed on extinction during forthcoming global changers. However the name of Lucifer also means: «Light bringer».

12. They kidnap people basically with the purpose of collection of the genetic material. Isn't it strange, that entities which came to us from another planets, kidnap people not for study, for example, the peculiarities of the structure of human brain, organs of vision and hearing and so on, but no, their interest is almost always accented on productive organs? They take a sperm from men, ovules from women, sometimes women are used as substitute mothers. They want to make us believe that their final purpose is to help  mankind. But myths tell us that many fantastic beings were interested in human genetic material also. Mermaids wanted to have children  from a human man. Demons and gods kidnapped human women to have children with them and so on.

13. The greys assert that their world had passed through some catastrophic changes, which our Earth will pass shortly. They also assert that "hybridization" is a mutual requirement for the survival of both human race and the greys. The mankind should be modernized to the higher level to go through the arriving terrestrial changes. The humanlike aliens are trying to convince mankind that reptoids want to win our planet, and in order to resist them, the mankind needs to have injections of the humanlike aliens’ blood. However, as we know, almost all satanic rituals require some manipulations with a blood also.

14. Their flying saucers were always noticed either near water, or in area of mountains, or in places, where there are many caves, i.e. in the places which were selected by devil beings.

15. Cases of kidnapping people by the «aliens» with the purpose of transferring some information about them to the world have become more frequent. It means that the inhabitants of hell prepare to  appear in the nearest future, as the Holy Scriptures prophesize about demons (see their message "DO YOU WISH THAT WE SHOW UP?").

On the website http://video.google.de/videoplay?docid=-5305085298884471236   you can see the video about UFO. It will give you a hint how close we are to the "first contact". you can see the video about UFO. It will give you a hint how close we are to the "first contact". you can see the video about UFO. It will give you a hint how close we are to the "first contact". you can see the video about UFO. It will give you a hint how close we are to the "first contact".

16. Often after a contact with them a man realizes, that these beings are either dangerous, or indifferent to people and look at a human like a farmer looks at the cows. They perceive a human as if he was a lowest essence, and are capable to murder people to get the desirable liquids (blood and sperm) from their bodies. Many people say that greys are chronic liars.  As all mystic creatures from myths, even kindly looking fairies, always lied and betrayed people. 

17. Some of the ex-abducted said that they had experienced incredible feeling of love, happiness and euphoria. They are sure, that these perfect and wise creatures from the perfect world are wishing only to save people, to lead them out of blind alley, to where mankind had led itself. Even in spite of the severe experiments which have been carried out on them without using anesthetics, these people worship their former torturers and even miss them. In the given cases the people experience nothing else but the effect of a love magic known from old times, when the feeling of love is inspired to a man, and without this inspiring the object of love can cause not only indifference, but a hate and disgust. 

18. Pastor Christ Ward exiles demons (Exorcism) and stops alien kidnapping of those to whom these kidnappings occur regularly. On http://www.logoschristian.org/stop  he shares his observations and cautions (the technique of exiling demons is described in the Bible: Zech.3:1-2; Jude 9; Acts 3:6, 16:18).  Pastor asserts that pronouncing the words: “The Lord Jesus Christ rebuke you”, or even  only the name of Jesus, repeated for some times, stops an alien kidnapping.

On internet we can read many stories of those who was kidnapped by aliens many times. You will see how those creatures had withdrawn from those people their health, their normal life, their love relationship, their family and so on.  Those people tried everything to avoid another contact with aliens, but they couldn’t. Only when they sincerely accepted Christ the kidnappings were stopped. So, who are they? They, without any doubts, are Satan’s ambassadors.

People need to know that the only weapon and protection against them is not a some kind of mystical sword or a ritual, or a physical training, as it promoting by TV today in many movies, but the faith in Jesus alone
(Eph.6:12-17). Only by faith a man can be saved. In ancient times people knew, that against the intrigues of the fairies and other underground creatures only a prayer to God could save them. And today's "aliens" are the same as they had been thousands years ago. Nothing besides they changed their camouflage and have invented new kinds of creatures and new technologies, has changed: the sincere prayer to Jesus or God the Father is always intolerable by them.

It is not right to close eyes on them, as though they do not exist, and all conversations about them is a modern fairy tale for adults. They exist, and people should know, who they are, because they are preparing  most refined plans for deceiving of mankind.

This work is not about what I believe and what you believe. The TRUTH can be only one. You can pretend that nothing in this work is true or you can accept that God really opened the near future for us today. 

It was my test to write this work and deliver it to you despite of many "kind advises" to stop to do that. Now it is your test: will you continue to teach wrong by knowing that it is wrong, or will you accept the truth despite of the traditions of Adventist church, which were based on teachings of the one sick woman. 

May God bless you in finding the truth.

With love and hope in Jesus,

Irina Ball


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