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There aren’t Satan and his angels anymore in heaven. In the time of the opening the seals they are governing on the Earth and are making all that distractions. If the unusual meteor shower of 1833 was in fact the sign of the heavenly war we can suggest  that Satan’s angels began their preparation for big destructions from 1833, when they were cast down to earth. 

The Book of life never was opened before. There from the foundation of the world names of those who will live internally in the Kingdom of God are written down (Rev.17:8. See ch.”Book of Life”). The seals protect the life on the Earth from its extinction. The opening of the each seal is giving more rights to Satan to do all destructions on the whole Earth. He likes to destroy everything what God created, that is why among demons and fallen angels his name is Apollyon (it means: "destruction" - Rev.9:11). After the opening of the last seal all power over all earth will belong to him, and he will try hard to destroy every living creature and everything on the face of the earth.

 The 1-st seal (the white horse) was opened in 1850. The white horseman on the white horse looks like Jesus (Rev.19:11), however as the opening of any seal does not bear anything good for mankind, he symbolizes the doctrines disguised under Christianity or the doctrines which had replaced it. They multiplied incredibly from the middle of 19th century. These are – Darwinism, Atheism, Naturism, Mormonism, Theosophy, Nihilism, Movement for emancipation 

                    p9ead.skirt.jpg (14293 bytes)

From those years a length of women’s skirt, which remained the same for centuries, began getting shorter with every year. Together with a skirt a morality standards began getting shorter also. 

This is Spiritualism. During the second half of the 19th century, the middle and upper classes in US, Britain, and much of Europe became “obsessed”  by séances and mediums. This is also a boom of technical progress which gave to mankind an illusion of a limitlessness of human abilities, the illusion, that a man can become a god.

From that time on Satan’s angels began to educate people braver, as they did it before the Flood. The technological bum from the middle of 1800s happened because of them.  How else can it be explained that during thousands years mankind was stuck still in one place, gradually possessing skills of molding a metal, manufacturing paper and fabrics, manufacturing porcelain and constructing of a printed machine  and so on, and since the middle of the 19th century as from the cornucopia the uncountable scientific discoveries began.

Their goal was to push humanity up to space, so humans could see that there is no God up there (we know that from the time of the space exploration humanity lowered a faith in God a lot). And their goal, as always, was to develop greater weapons of destruction and a technology for controlling of people. That is why we had different discoveries in physic and chemistry, but did not have any great medical discoveries except  for those in genetic (In 1856 G. Mendel put the base for the science of genetics), which in the future will lead to creating clones and hybrids (as they had made hybrids before the Flood as the world mythology is telling us about). That is why humanity can not defeat a cancer and diabetes, can not preserve its teeth and hear, can not get rid off a heart diseases but can create satellites. Look closely on a history of scientific discoveries. 

In antiquity Greeks opened an unusual force, which drew light subjects after friction pieces of amber. During of  centuries people step by step mastered the knowledge about the peculiarities of this phenomenon. In the 16th century scientists differentiated a static electricity from magnetisms. The fullest nature of electricity was investigated by B. Franklin in 1752. M. Faraday in 1831 introduced the concept of electromagnetic field and put forward the idea about the existence of electromagnetic waves. Now look what we had after 1833.

In 1837 Morse’ electromechanical telegraph transmitting signals was invented. 1844 - copy photograph of a photomechanical print depicting the first telegraph apparatus; 1869 - electrical generator; 1876 - telephone; 1877- sound recording devices - phonograph; 1879 - incandesce lamp; 1884 - jet steam turbine; 1891- kinetic scope-moving pictures; 1895 - radio receiver; 1901- Marconi G. transfers electromagnetic signals through the Atlantic ocean; in 1910 the Japanese monopoly "Hitachi" for manufacture of industrial and household electric equipment is already created; 1925 - in England the Scottish engineer Baird J. showed the first television technology; 1947 - the transistor is invented. 

The doctrine about atom as the smallest indivisible particle for the first time was offered by Democritus in 400-s BC. In the 16-17th centuries it was developed by Bacon, Newton and Galileo. But only by the end of the 19th century scientists finally began to understand the structure of atom. In 1897 electrons were open; in 1902 - protons; in 1919 by Rutherford the nuclear chain reactions were investigated; in 1932 –neurons are open; in 1942 – the first nuclear reactor is created; in 1945- the nuclear bomb; in 1953 – the thermonuclear bomb; in 1954 – the first nuclear power station; in 1957 –the first satellite.

In 1940, only in 60 years after the invention of a light bulb, there already were first COMPUTERS!!!

The 2nd seal (red horse) – wars, was broken in 1914AD. This year the most scale and awful war began. The First World War was much bigger, than all significant wars, held within 2400 years till 1914AD. However the Second World War which began only in 21 years after the end of the First World War was in 4 times more destructive, than the first one -55 million victims. Since the end of the Second World War in 150 wars more than 25 million people were killed. On the average 12 wars were daily conducted somewhere in the world.

The 3rd seal (black horse) - famine and illnesses. After the First World War the largest famine in the history began. Only in Northern China 15 000 people daily died because of famine. In 1918-19 because of the epidemic of Spanish influenza 20 million people died. In 1930 5 million people died from a famine in Ukraine. After the Second World War the fourth part of the population of the Earth starved.

The 4th seal (pale horse) - wars, famine, illnesses, death on ¼ of the planet. The death on the ¼ of the planet does not mean the death of the ¼ of the population of the Earth, here is the indication of the territorial scale. It is unending wars in Middle East, a famine in the countries of the 3rd world (today 50 million people annually die because of a famine), extinction of the whole continent of Africa from AIDS and famine. 
The 5th seal (killing of Christians) was opened in the 1990s. Since from 1990s in many Oriental countries the persecutions of Christians is going on. There in March 2002 issue of the printed magazine ( ) the article of Paul Marshall, one of the conducting world experts on religious prosecutions, was placed. He informed about slaughter, violence, tortures, slavery, beating, distorting and putting Christians in jails in Muslim countries. According the message of Marshall this plague influences more than 200 million people, with additional 400 millions, who are suffering from discrimination and legal obstacles.


"The murder, torture and persecution of the Christians in the Third World, and even prosperous countries, are one of the worst, and least-reported, of global human-rights abuses…" said former “Time” magazine senior correspondent and Beijing Bureau Chief David Aikman. 

Look at this website  with stories and photos of Christians who had suffered in Muslim countries. It was not like that 30 years ago. 

Egypt. Church Demonstration. On the t-shirts: "Stop killing Christians". 

Indonesia. Three girls who attended Christian school were beheaded. 

wpe1A.jpg (34086 bytes)

According to David Kupelian (
in Sudan more than 2 million non-Muslims, mostly Christians, have been killed by the radical Islamic regime in Khartoum, and the press mentioned about this huge tragedy only with few dry words. (See also  -scroll down to the links about the persecution )

 Jesus said, “For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.... And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars ...but the end is not yet” (Mat.24:5-6). It means, that false prophets (papacy) and the local wars have appeared long before the time of the end, “end is not yet”.

«For nations will rise against nations,… And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places. This is the beginning of the sorrows” (Mat.24:7-8).

The conflicts of nations are First and Second World wars, famines and pestilences followed after them and increasing of the number of earthquakes around the world. This is the opening of the first 4 seals and this is “the beginning of the sorrows”.

«Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you…Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many... And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come” (24:9,11,14).

This time, since the opening of the 5th seal is the last time before Jesus coming, «it is near, even at the doors» (Mat.24:33). This is the time of a new wave of the false prophets – channelers - who are receiving messages from outer space, from «elite race of the ancient masters», who want to help mankind to pass through approaching terrestrial changes (we will talk about them later). 

This is the time, when Christians in Muslim countries are suffering for their faith. This is the time when Gospel have reached all corners of the Earth. 

This is the time of the one generation (Mat.24:34). 


From the opening of the 6th sealthe great day of his wrath is come” (Rev.6:17). This is the beginning of the last days of the world. “For these be the days of vengeance, that all things which are written may be fulfilled” (Luke 21:22). The great earthquake will be not “in various places”, not in Lisbon in 1755, as Ellen 
White believed, but on whole planet, when “every mountain and island were moved out of their places; …every slave and every  free man”(Rev.6:14,15) will see it. «And they shall go into the holes of the rocks, and into the caves of the earth, for fear of the LORD, and for the glory of his majesty, when he ariseth to shake terribly the earth. In that day a man shall cast his idols» (Isa.2:19-20). It will be a great awakening, and many atheists will become believers. After that God will seal His people ( 

As to the Lisbon earthquake, up to the beginning of XIX century the force of an earthquake was measured not by Richter scale, but by quantity of victims, so the greatest earthquake of the past actually was not in 1755AD in Lisbon with 70,000 victims, but in 1201AD in Near East with 1,100,000 victims. Why don't we count the earthquake of 1201AD as the opening of the 6-th seal?

- No earthquake of 1755, and of course nor the earthquake of 1201 can be the characteristic of opening of the 6-th seal because Jesus began to open seals after He was chosen to be the king of Kingdom of heaven. It had happened in 1850 after the heavenly war, when heavenly sanctuary was cleansed and the judgment was passed on Satan. Therefore Jesus had opened the first seal in  1850 or even a little later. The sixth seal was not opened yet. 

However Adventists teach that heavenly sanctuary was cleansed in 1844, but 6-th seal was opened 100 years before that, in 1755. This is just Biblical illiteracy.

So, the fifth seal was opened in 1990-th. The opening of the  sixth seal will cause the huge world scale destruction , it wasn’t opened yet. It will be opened in very near future. 

In 1983 NASA found out an unknown red planet, which 
subsequently received several names. Among the most known: the Planet X (i.e. the 10th planet) and Niburu. In the beginning the discovery of Niburu was widely discussed... until after several months of study it was determined that the planet goes in the direction to the Earth. The problem is that the planet is bigger than the Earth approximately in 4,5 times, so: the force of gravitation is much more than on the Earth, and, passing the Earth, it will cause the greatest changes in the structure of the Earth. The planet X is a brown dwarf, which circulates on an orbit between the two stars: the Sun and the extinct star, or the Black Sun. The cycle of its circulation is about 3600 years.

The weight of the Planet X, magnetism and density is those, that it destroys the surface of each planet at passing it. Approximately seven years ago it began to cause the changes in the weather, volcanic and seismic activity of the Earth. Today these anomalies are explained by the global warming of the climate and the raised solar activity, which itself are the consequences of the Niburu influence.  

wpe1E.jpg (27616 bytes)

Since approximately 1996 weather tendencies have changed so drastically, they regularly break all records. The number of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and changes in electromagnetism of the Earth are hidden by media in the greatest possible degree. Whales “suicides” become frequent, they are caused by the change in the magnetic field of the Earth, and, as a consequence, by disorientation of the animals. Mankind is unable to stop the approaching danger; therefore the governments of the Earth hide the information about the planet from people to prevent panic. They just build underground refuges for themselves (about the details see website ).

When Niburu, which is the larger magnet than the Earth, will pass in closest distance from the Earth, the Earth will stop its circulation. During about 3 days we will have either night, or day, i.e. the same time of the day approximately within 3 days. When Niburu departs from the Earth, the Earth will sharply take its usual position. This sharp jerk of the Earth will cause the shift of the underground layers («every mountain and island were moved out of their places»), «great earthquake»,  eruptions of volcanoes («heaven departed as a scroll» from volcanic ashes), floods, tsunamis and hurricanes. As the huge magnet, Niburu passing through the Asteroid zone, will draw behind itself a lot of ferriferous space dust of reddish color («sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood») and small asteroids («the stars of heaven fell unto the earth»).

After the catastrophe all righteous will be sealed by God from all coming natural disasters.

When 7th seal will be opened, all God's protection over the Earth will be completely removed. As Jesus will come with the 7-th trumpet (as we will see later), so and antichrist will come with the 7-th seal. After the opening of the seal there the silence will be in heaven: angels will be stunned to see that someone on the Earth proclaimed himself as god. Satan will receive complete power over the Earth and its inhabitants . People will realize it right away, and for all troubles many will begin to grumble against God, as they did in the desert. And as in the desert by being against God, they gave themselves to Satan and consequently died, the same will be after the opening of the 7-th seal: many who will grumble against God will die also. As Aaron, by placing the censer filled with fire from the altar stopped  the plague among the grumbling people (Num.16:46-48), the same the censer with fire from the heavenly altar will stop death among the grumbling (Rev. 8:5).

Thus,  today we are just before the opening of the 6-th seal - the beginning of the time of wrath. Right after the global accident we will see the antiChrist. 
                                 And the last days will begin.

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