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Freemasonry  is an invisible state in the state, which having international connections and finance, supervises and directs "visible" government. The knowledge of the basic symbols of  Freemasonry will help you to define, what organizations are under its absolute control.


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In the photo: the British security service, American federal agency and police, broadcasting company, information office, health services and even church.

 Zionist Masonic organization is supervised by the richest Jews in the world, many of which - members of governments ( an interesting fact: both in Russia, and in America the percentage ratio of the Jews in the government in relation to a percentage ratio  to a quantitative structure of the population is in several times higher. For example, the Jews in America have only 3 % of the population, however among the workers of state departments the Jews are 85 %) and bankers. Jewish masons support business and friendly connections with other Masonic non- Jewish organizations.


This is a symbol of Israeli Masonic organization. You see the Israeli star and simultaneously a  pyramid and  an eye – symbols of  Freemasonry.

As well as all organizations of the satan, Freemasonry aspires to world domination - New World order, where  the admirers of the Lucifer  (satan) will be the rulers.

It is important  to understand, that masons swear  in faithfulness to Order what release them from any obligations: from faithfulness to the country, people and Constitution in past and in future. And if G. Bush ,a member of Masonic Lodge “Scull and Bones”, entering it gave an oath that he was ready to do everything for establishing of the New World Order, his oath of the president doesn’t mean anything.                                      

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