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In order to understand better  how  deep  Freemasonry  has impregnated governmental structures, look attentively at a USA one-dollar bill. 


You see the Egyptian pyramid, that, as you already know, is a triangle of a pyramid, or symbol of the divine man -mason. The top of the pyramid is separated, and there is the All-Seeing  eye of the god. It means the  elite of a community of the divine people: Illuminati. You can see, that they are also people, as they continue the pyramid triangle, but they are already separated from all other masons, and became gods themselves, since possess the eye of the god. The Egyptian pyramid is  one of the favorite images of masons. Under the pyramid there Latin number MDCCLXXVI is, which means 1776. It is the year of the recognition of independence of America, but also the year of birth of Masonic organization of Illuminati. The inscription in translation from Latin is Annuit - Announcement; Coeptis - Plan; Novus - New; Ordo - Order; Seclorum-  secular, without God - New world order without God! 


On the dollar you can even read a word "mason" in the corners of hexagon, formed by two triangles.

This symbol was  established  on  a  Continental Congress in 1787, on the secret sessions, where basically masons participated. However it was concealed  from public till 1935, when to the president Franclin  Ruzvelt, a mason  of 33d degree, his minister of agriculture, a mason Henry  Walles ,said, that the spirit has shown  to him, that the time has come to take this symbol out on public.


                                                                               Masonic crone.

When we see the smiling faces of the international state figures and religious leaders on TV or in the newspapers, it is difficult to imagine, that behind of a diplomatic facade there is completely another world: the world of secret societies and occult brotherhoods occupied by dark figures,  looking  for  power. From the times of pharaohs  of ancient Egypt occult involved  black art of espionage, blasting activity and revolution in its network. Today  occult conspiracy continues to influence politics, though there are few, who know about its influence, even those who operate it are frequently  well-known people *.


* The Occult Conspiracy: Secret Societies -Their Influence and Power in World History, Michael Howard, 1989, preface.

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