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The authorities announced the society outlaw, and its chief Adam Washaupt was sent from Bavaria out*.

However the plan didn’t change, therefore Vatican is gradually becoming Masonic. So, in 1738 the Pope Clement XII issued Papal Bull, according to which any Catholic having become a mason, was subject to excommunication. In 1884 Papa Leo XIII declared, that Freemasonry tried to restore customs of pagans and “to establish the kingdom of the Satan on the Earth “. And at  November 27, 1983 the Pope John Paul II, for the first time for hundreds years, cancelled all previous bulls against Freemasonry and allowed the Catholics to become the members of secret societies without fear of excommunication. It was under mason influence in 1996 he announced, that the evolution does not contradict the Bible, and that God gave to the man a soul after the man during couple millions years was developed from some elementary amoeba. It is under their influence the Catholic priests now through numerous websites convince people, that we are not lonely in the space, that we have the brothers on other planets. 

Piers Compton in his book «The Broken Cross» traces the penetration of Illuminati in the Catholic Church. He declares, that the pop John XXIII carried the “All-Seeing  eye in a triangle “ on his personal cross and, that several hundreds  of  leading Catholic priests, bishops and cardinals - members of secret societies. It is widely recognized, that John Paul II himself belongs to Illuminati, says William Cooper, the author of the book “Behold: a Pale Horse” (was shot by Illuminati in his house at November 6,2001.). Their purpose is achieved, and it means, that the New world order is very close.

 A true Christian live under the laws of the God, the illuminati  live under the laws of their desire. They want, that all should live by today, executing their own whims, not thinking about a Judgment day. Their spirituality proceeds from the satan. 

They are Illuminati, that means: consecrated, consider that they came from the house of David. Some of them consider, that they are straight springs of...Jesus Himself (about it later). They consider themselves not just super  outstanding people, what still could be explained by extremely developed self-admiration inherited to them, but they consider themselves as half - gods, piously believing, that in their veins divine blood flows. Among the names most known Illuminati the names Rothschild and Rockefeller are most familiar to the Russian reader. To understand, how the terrestrial gods live and breathe, we shall take advantage of research of blood line of Rockefeller, which was studied by Fritz Spring Meier in his book «Be Wise As Serpents» (Portland, OR, 1991).

Today, the author says, about 190 members of this family are alive. Not everyone has the same name, but the family connection is kept. The father of the world famous John Davidson Rockefeller was William Avery Rockefeller - a morally depraved person. He was involved into  occultism  and practiced magic, had many wives, set of  sexual partners, was accused of raping of  a women, but  avoided prison, stole, lied, played  for money, but never lacked money, which frequently  were acquired by him in a dishonest way. He had many illegitimate children, and it is possible, that some were born for ritual sacrifices. One of his official wives, Eliza, had six children from him, and among them John Rockefeller, who in his life became one of the most imperious people in the world. One of his secrets was his confidential business relations with other families of Illuminati. He was ready for everything for the sake of authority up to extreme cruelty.

                     In the photo: Sir John Rockefeller

Michael Rockefeller was killed, when he tried to bribe the natives of  New Guinea with the large sums of money,  in order that  they begin hunting  on  humans and make  compressed heads (human heads dried up in a  special way to the size of a fist) for him. Winthrop Rockefeller was a homosexual and had one of the largest assemblies of pornography. Winifred Rockefeller Emmy killed two her children and committed suicide... The list can be continued...


*Michael Howard, the Occult Conspiracy: Secret Societies -Their Influence and Power in World History, 1989, p. 151

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