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Many from the ‘illuminated" family had restless life filled with various fears. The Rockefellers have many latent tunnels and secret rooms in their houses. They have developed their occult and world authority such way, that they really consider themselves as the gods.

 The occult practice of the family became well-known from its two members, who, not having sustained the blood rituals, torn family connections and addressed to Christ. The author of the book refers to the interview with them. They (one was killed soon after the interview) said that each of 13 families of Illuminati within their own relative connection has their own secret satanic kings, queens, princesses and princes of darkness in secret rituals. Each of 13 families of Illuminati has their own cathedral of the Mother of Darkness. The Rockefeller have there own in Southern Belgium. In that cathedral sacrifices of babies are taken place. People from FBI, devoted masons, secretly deliver babies for sacrifices (Look also the video «Revelations of a Mother Goddess» with David Icke & Arizona Wilder, http://www.hiddenmysteries.com/cgi-bin/banmat3.cgi?entry2+x=URL ).

Nobody know exactly, how great is fortune the Rockefellers have, their finance is latent from others.    So, Nelson Rockefeller did not pay any cent for taxes in 1970, nevertheless probably he was the richest man in the USA. The Rockefellers possess the uncountable companies, among which there are Texas Instruments, General Electric , Eastman Kodak, airline "Delta" and others.

In 1952 a congressman Eugene E. Cocks   headed the committee, which for the first time tried to open the basic financial activity of Rockefellers. For some reasons Coke faced rigid opposition against this research, and for the unknown reasons got thick and died. One of the members of the committee, a congressman Carol Rice tried to continue the research.  Rockefeller’s people and newspapers tried to destroy Rice. However he managed to find out, that within the first of third part of the 20th century the two third of general financing of all establishments of high education in America composed the donations of two families: Rockefellers and Carnegie.

Having investigated charity of family in details, the author concludes, that the large sums were endowed to seminaries, universities, culture organizations, media, various religious organizations, including anti-Christians. With what purpose avaricious Rockefellers spent millions of money for support of these organizations?  Philanthropy?  No, the money were spent not because of mercy, but with a quite definite purpose: to take under control all establishments forming public opinion, in order to establish one world government. Their tactics: to create such conditions in the world, that all countries will realize the inconsistency and   decide to be united in one world community under one world government...Illuminati.  Therefore Illuminati play an important role in the activity of the UN.


Rothschilds - another of most known relative connections of Illuminati, name themselves as Jews and also apply for related connection with the house of David. The Star of David, or the Seal of Solomon, was accepted as a symbol of the state Israel only after Rothschilds made it their patrimonial symbol. The Rothschilds have always been the true force behind the Zionist Movement. They had the plan to create personal feudal possession for themselves and Illuminati in Palestine. According to Simon Schama's book, “Two Rothschilds and the Land of Israel” (Collins, London, 1978), about 80 % land of Israel was acquired by the Rothschilds.

However, their interest to destiny of the Jewish people does not exceed the interest of Illuminati to all people in general: as to grey featureless masses. Rothschilds helped Hitler to come to power and financed him through the Bank of England - hence, indulged to destruction of the Jews.

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