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It is interesting, that the reason, why Rothschilds lead Hitler to authority, according to the book of psychoanalyst, Walter Langer, called “The Mind of Hitler”, is that Hitler WAS a Rothschild. Having lifted set of documents the author proved, that the Adolf's father, Alois Hitler was the illegitimate son of Maria Anna Schicklgruber, whom she conceived   being the servant in the house of Baron Rothschild in Vienna. Having found out about the pregnancy Rothschilds sent her to home, where she immediately married Johann George Hadler, grandfather of Hitler.

Probably  the most popular  connoisseur of Illuminati for today  David Icke, in his book the best seller “Children of the Matrix” after long researches of  the Illuminati-phenomenon  came to unusual for the first sight conclusions: 1) that all people, ever coming  to power or being at power  today: the kings and dictators, bank aristocracy and presidents, political and military leaders – weather belong to a very ancient and powerful bloodline, or are nominated  by it for some definite purposes. The connection between this bloodline and authority is always obvious. 2) This blood is special. Therefore Illuminati holds under steadfast attention everyone, in whom there is their blood, irrespective of, whether he is a legitimate offspring or born outside the marriage. 3) Illuminati make many illegitimate children according to their secret programs of reproduction. 4) Their blood differs from blood of other people by that it has the special genetic code of...reptiles. Therefore in traditions of the house there is a cult of the serpent. And consequently, as the researcher considers they are controlled by the race of reptiles - aliens, with who they contact constantly.


Comparing mythology of various regions of the world, Icke came to the conclusion, that in antiquity such aliens visited our planet. Having super ordinary abilities, they were perceived by the people as gods. From the union with the people children were born who externally looked like people, however had special supernatural qualities. Keeping there bloodline pure due to marriages inside the elected circle (for example, in royal families), they however had many children outside the marriage. It was done with the purpose to distribute their reptile DNA worldwide, that by then, when the mankind is at higher step of development, it would be ready for acceptance of super intellectual reptiles and human elite with their genes, as their governors.

The author approves, that such aliens never abandoned the Earth. They are invisible. Their own physical form is destroyed, and they can not be reproduced any more. Thus, they aspire to impregnate the human form and so to exist and to operate in this measurement this way. Holding occult rituals at various levels especially with human sacrifices these people create a special wave vibration assisting to activate the hybrid DNA of reptiles offspring. Activated DNA opens a body to mastering by these reptiles, and the man completely falls under their control. For today, when with the help of a cloning the manipulation with genes became possible; the reptiles can create artificial bodies for themselves.

The statements of David Icke are interesting because even they do not base on Bible they not only contradict, but even confirm the Bible. Only with that   difference, that instead of reptiles of the extra- terrestrial origin the Bible tells about the ancient serpent and about demons.

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