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According to the Book of Enoch, in those times 200 angels descended on the earth. He named all of them and pointed which angel and what taught the people. Angels taught people many arts, among them there were playing on musical instruments, writing, manufacturing goods from various metals, herb medicine, fabrics coloring, art of cosmetics and winemaking etc. Besides these they taught people tell fortunes by stars, to conjure, taught all possible kinds of murders, and even how to kill an embryo in the mother's womb  and others. People became more severe and cynical.


On the Sumerian bas-relief created in times before the Flood, in the center you can see a man standing on his knees before someone surrounded with stars. They are likely to be inside some kind of a tent (or temple?). The two with the wings stand on both the sides of the tent. According to the position of the characters, it is possible to determine, that the person inside the tent has a higher rank, than the two with wings. Inside the tent there can be an angel – the Sumerian god. The two with wings are the hybrids. They have small buckets in their hands, obviously, with sacred myrrh. One of them is holding something looking like a sponge, which they dipped into myrrh. Hybrids are the priests.


On the other Sumerian relief there is another hybrid - the priest with wings. He also has a bucket and a sponge. 

Giants born from marriages of angels and people were very evil by nature, they ate everything, that people produced, then they began to eat people and when they lacked food they began to gobble up each other. « And God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth » (Gen.6:12). Children of the Satan and fallen angels managed to seduce all Adam's offspring! All of them except one: Noah. God also decided to exterminate everything living on the earth and guided the Flood, and only Noah's family was saved. 

As we see, the basic reason of the Flood was not just the fall of the people, but violating the genetic code of the man - birth of huge hybrids and degeneration of the human race. God could not allow that. And angels handed to people the forbidden knowledge, which would result in mankind self-destruction on the initial stages of development. To keep the man on the earth it was necessary for God to destroy the first civilization. Besides this the Bible says that « all flesh had corrupted its way». What does it mean? May be because of lack of food caused by occurrence of the giants, animal began to eat each other? No, God would not destroy them for this, He would rather create the conditions excluding famine, and would find any other way out: only for destruction of the people. The reason, why it was necessary to destroy animals, was the same: pollution of their genetic code. But how? I shall explain, using the information given to us through the ancient myths.

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