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But at first let's make clear one thing: what today called “myths” for the ancient people was a history. The facts in myths are handed to us through the world outlook of ancient people. Of course they are not similar to the facts in the newspapers. Ancient people represented them through their own vision of the world. For example, the fact of the Great Flood is reflected in mythology of all ancient cultures. Only if in Ancient Greece people believed that Zeus (in ancient Rome – Jupiter; in Egypt -Atom) sent the flood, because people became very foolish; Ancient Assyria and Babylon were sure, that it was Enlil who did it, because people became very numerous; ancient Scandinavians believed that Oden won the snow giant Umere, and waters of the thawing giant  filled the earth; and the Celts considered that the Flood came from the blood of the giant of the sky and others. But the fact is the fact: the myths confirm the fact of the Great flood. All the legends specify that only one couple was rescued from which there were all people come from. 

Certainly it is necessary to involve mythology for the proofs very cautiously. But, if from legend to legend of different peoples even far away separated from each other, a detail repeats over and over, it can give us the basis to trust its authenticity. You see and Schliemann was laughed at when he tried to prove that Troy is not just a beautiful legend, but a real city with a real history, laughed till Schliemann found it. Therefore to underbid  the historical importance of myths is not smart.

So what information about pollution of a genetic code of animals myths can give us? In mythology of all peoples there are indications both on the giants, and on essences half man - half animal, either having a body or head of the man, they are: mermaids and water-elves or nixes (man - fish), centaurs (man - horse), satire (man - goat), sphinxes (man - lion), siren (man - bird), many of the Egyptian gods with heads of animals and so on. The myths tell that these beings were on earth before occurrence of the man. In Ancient Greece they were called titans. All of them had magic power.

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According to the Hebrew beliefs before the creation of Eve Adam had a girlfriend Lolita (in Sumerian it was Lil , in Babylon named Lilitu) - a humanoid hybrid, she had wings and legs of an owl (the Jews consider that in the book Isaac. 34:14, word: «the screech owl» concern to her).


The legend tells that at first she was the wife of one of the angels and gave birth to many spirits. Lolita did not want to obey Adam and left him. It is interesting, that in Gen. (2:20), before the creation of Eve, when Adam was giving names to all animals and birds, it is said: « but for Adam there was not found an help meet for him». Doesn't it mean that in the beginning Adam hoped to meet another suitable humanoid hybrid with more compliant character among  fauna? Pay attention to Adam's reaction when he first saw Eve: « This is now (from author – finally?)  bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man » (2:23).

Gen. (4:16) tells that after the Abel's murder Cain « dwelt in the land of Nod ». The Bible does not say that Cain named the place, where he settled down, in such a way. It was named so before him. In «The Book of Adam and Eve » it is told that when the first people were expelled from the paradise, the ground had already been populated with some essences, and the Devil, as compared to people, was not a beginner there and felt very much confident.

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