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The people met there the mermaids with the help of which the Satan tried to tempt them. God did not create them, and the Devil can't create. The question is: how did all these creatures appeared?

They were created with the help of Devil interference in the nature of Divine creation, with the help of genetic experiments of the Satan and his angels. So they wanted to intercept the authority of God above earth and its inhabitants.

From the Bible we learn that, besides an ethereal body, angels can appear  in the real physical human body. So the angels appeared before Abraham (Gen. 18) and ate before his tent; came to Lot (Gen. 19:1, 5) and were accepted by Sodomites as common people; the angel struggled with Jacob (Gen.32:24) and appeared on a field to the future mother of Samson (Judg. 13:9) and other examples. From the scene in Eden we know, that the Satan, who is also an angel, could take the image of a serpent. And from « the Books Adam and Eve » we learn that the Satan can take various shapes. It means that all angels being created ethereal according to the image of God, can take the various corporal forms. Thus or by taking the various forms of animals, like the Caliph from Arabian fairy tales, they had sexual relations with animals, or made their incest experiments by a laboratory way. So the result of these relations or experiments, were hybrid beings allocated mystical abilities given to them from the angels. These beings were the army of the Satan he hoped to seduce people with.

So, God was compelled for preservation of a genetic heritage of a planet to destroy the first world. But was the Satan's seed destroyed by the Flood?  If on ground only righteous men remained where did the evil so quickly restore from?

But wait, the Bible tells us about only one righteous man - Noah. We are not given his wife's genealogy, and it is clear, that the wives of his three sons were not from families of righteous men. Remember that only one person was appreciated by God for life. Here, probably, it would be appropriate to tell how Noah's birth is described in the «Book of Enoch» (ch.105). The matter is that Noah was a very beautiful baby, and seeing his unusual beauty and strength his father, Lamech came to Enoch being very anxious. He was sure that Noah was born from an angel! But Lamech was not going  to reproach his wife for an infidelity at all. Enoch as the prophet of God explained to him that he was mistaken. See? The angels, trying to pollute the genetics of Adam's offspring, entered into the sexual relations with the women of Adam's line, taking the shapes of their husbands or having entered them in an unconscious condition. How can it be explained, that all the successors of Adam were sentenced by God for destruction. It’s impossible to explain it only by their moral fall. The problem was other: infringement of their genetic code.

The angels managed to pollute the genetics practically of all Adam's successors. Under the protection of God there were the first-borns, because Jesus was to come from their seed. The fact that Jesus was to be born from Adam's off springs and bring rescue for all living, the Devil, certainly, knew and took great pains to pollute the blood, which would flow in Christ's veins.

So, what took place after the Flood? Some time after the flood Noah damns his younger son Ham. The Bible says that Ham saw the nudity of the drunken father and told this to the brothers. However, it is obvious, that the sin was much harder than just "to see" and "to tell". «So Noah awoke from his wine, and knew what his younger son had done to him» (Gen.9:24). Probably the question is about the homosexual act. Because anger of the father was great: « then he said: cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants he shall be to his brethren » (:25).

Have you noticed? The sin was accomplished by Ham but Noah damned not Ham, but son of Ham - Canaan. Why? Because some dirty genes were found in Ham and obviously Noah saw that the wife of Ham was a sinful person. Therefore he knew that Canaan would be very sinful. Canaan's off springs - Canaanites, lived in Sodom and Gomorrah, and God destroyed the inhabitants of these cities for sin of homosexuality.

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