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These malicious spirits are demons. They can take possession of the man and even a place (Zech.13:2; Mat.12:43, 10:1; Mark.1:23, 3:11, 5:13, 7:25). But besides the giants before the flood, as you remember, there were also Naphelim and Elioud, who could become incorporeal and hide themselves in the other dimensions. Besides this according to the Ancient Hebrew legends there were some creatures raised by Lilith from her contacts with the man. The legend says that Lilith visited men during their dream and made sex with them. She carried away the remaining seed liquid. It is obvious that it was necessary for the genetic experiments of the fallen angels.  

So we have found out, that the flood did not destroy all evil: besides some Cain's off springs there were evil spirits and, probably, Elioud and Naphelim, who hide themselves after the Flood from sights of people and prefer unsociable rotten places, caves and dungeons. But it is not all. Waters of the Flood were not disastrous for all water beings (therefore among the inhabitants of the ocean the naturalists found the most ancient forms of life), and, certainly, they were not disastrous for all the hybrids of angel-fishes and angel-amphibians. How did they exist after the Flood?

Here we need the knowledge of mythology of the peoples of the world again. But at first let us for a second imagine ourselves as the Satan after  the Flood:  mankind born anew,  and as we already know, many people are the carriers of angelic genes. These genes, strange as it may seem, not only make people more spiritual, but, on the contrary: for those having them only physical comfort and terrestrial pleasures are important. These people felt uncomfortable with Noah's doctrines about how should people live. The Satan needed only to find some artful dodge to win them over and withdraw them from God. Before the Flood it was easy to do: it was simply necessary to convince them, that the angels walking among them are their gods. After the Flood the angels can't any longer openly, without the Most High's permission, occur among the people; the spirits of the giants must hide themselves from the people. What to do now?

What remained to the Satan? Only to convince people that the reptilelike hybrids are their gods. And to make the bait swallowed, it was necessary to present these hybrids, as wisdom, light and nobleness to consider those rejecting them as gods unwise, not noble and deprived of light.

The legends practically by all ancient cultures affirm that in the beginning there had been the sea of chaos, and then the gods were born who then created the man. It is natural that in myths the idea of creation of people by a water godlike beings preceded the history of the Flood. Thus, the Satan attributed itself a merit of creation of the first people.

The Sumerian legend says that when the world was born from chaos, An (-u) became the god of the sky, Enlil – the god of ground, and Enki – the god of water. From them other gods were born. They and 4 gods more were Annunaki - managing gods. Annunaki observed the work of other gods, who did not have divine life at all: they dug out channels of the rivers of Tiger and Euphrates. There was a day, when the lowest gods refused to continue their work. Then Annunaki killed the plotters and Enki with the mother goddess Nintur formed from blood of the killed gods and clay 7 human pairs to work instead of the gods.

In Babylon the woman – water dragon Tiamat (in the picture) was considered as the creator of everything, she created giants and gods.


Then Ea (in some texts his son -Marduk) - the water god killed Tiamat and created ground and sky from her body, and people from her son-husband Kingu's blood.

According to the testimony of  H.Blavatskaya* « Ea was the god of the sea and Wisdom, and the sea snake was one of his emblems, his priests were considered “the snakes”, or devoted... he spent a day among people, training them; and when the sun sat, he left in the sea, spending the night in depths, as he was an amphibian..».


*Sumerian civilization, on the territory of which Babylon was later formed is  the most ancient of all known.

**THEOSOPHY, Vol. 52, No. 6, April, 1964 р. 179

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