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The earliest representations of the dragon are reflected in the Chinese painting under the image of a snake with fins.  
The snake turned around of the egg was the Hindu, Egyptian and druidic symbol of creation the Universe .

In Acadia God Nomo (Amun-Kneph) was represented as a water snake. In Mali and Sudan the god - creator Nommo was sometimes represented as the man-fish, sometimes - as the man-snake. In Polynesia the god creator  Vatea was the man-fish.

In Western Africa there is a legend about the snake Da. The god - creator hermaphrodite Nana-Buluku before the creation of people created the rainbow snake Da to serve him. The creator was carried everywhere in the Da's mouth. Rivers, mountains and valleys are wavy because the rainbow snakes Da moved like this. Everywhere, where they stopped for the night, mountains formed from the snake's excrements . When the creation of Earth and everything on it was completed, the creator asked Da to curl up below the earth like a pillow, which African women use when carrying heavy cargo on the head, to protect the ground from overturning and soften the pressure. As Da could not maintain high temperature, the creator made an ocean for the snake to live there. And Da remained there since the beginning of times with his tail in the mouth. When Da overturns, there are earthquakes.

In this legend the snakes did not create people; however their life depends on his work: earthquakes can be fatal. And the legend also says that when his meal finishes and snakes dies, the planet will turn over. How not to pray for its health... One moment more is very important here: the snake is in water and under ground.

In Egypt a snake represented primitive waters of the Universe, as well as boats of the gods, which traveled on them.


The goddess Isis was called the Large Fish of Abyss. Even the Egyptian symbol of the sun or the god of sun is a disk with the snake around of it (or two snakes, as in the picture below).


The Pharaohs carried the headgears with a snake hung above the forehead as a symbol of divine wisdom. The sacred snakes were kept in temples in Egypt.

The Vietnamese believe that they are the offspring of the king Dragon Lack Long Quan, arrived from Waters, and the terrestrial fairy Au Co. From this union the fairy postponed one hundred eggs from which one hundred sons came. Later, when the pair was divided, fifty of them followed their father Dragon to lower coastal areas and founded the first Vietnamese nation named Van Lang, while the other fifty followed their terrestrial mother to higher place to give rise to fifty ethnic groups. The Vietnamese had never had civil wars and united to resist their common enemy, because they were always sure that all the Vietnamese nations had one father.

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