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Already familiar to us Thomas Andrew in the book “ON THE SHORES OF ENDLESS WORLDS” (page 159) tells us that in the XVI century, when Spanish conquistadors arrived in Peru, Incas could not answer, who was the builder of this miracle. However “Jesuit Angelo Oliva in 1542 has made a record of words of old Inca that the real Tiahuanaco was the underground city exceeding the terrestrial one in immensity. It was considered that the entrance into the underground apartments led through four tunnels. In the last century one of these passes was, obviously, found, as the hunters for treasures managed to enter there searching for gold, but only one returned outside. He brought two golden bars but lost his mind. After that incident the Peruvian government decided to block the entrance to the cave... “.

What happened there, under ground, with unlucky searchers of treasures? May be the same as happened in the miner's city Dicksonvilly in Pennsylvania. On the 14th of July, 1974 in the local newspaper the article of Stoney Brakefield appeared, where it was told about the incident which had happened in 1944. The inspector of a mountain industry, who investigated this incident, only almost 30 years after, dying, told the son, what actually had taken place then.

15 miners did not return from the mine. He together with another expert came down to the mine to investigate the incident. The first miner's body they found lying under the broken wood, stones and rubble. At first they concluded, that the collapse could not be so big as to kill the man. When the body was taken out the inspectors were shocked: the body was torn up and one could see the traces left with the claws of an unknown essence. They found some other dead bodies with the same traces of the claws. They didn't manage to find several other miners.

This tragedy, obviously, took place after the miners rushed into the ancient tunnel of an unknown origin, deep in the mine. The inspectors went inside this tunnel downwards, approximately under the corner of 45 degrees, almost a mile, till they reached a room, which “seemed” to be the end of the pass. In this place behind them "there was" a collapse (there are many evidences that the essences of the underground world can arrange the collapses). A crew was sent to rescue the inspectors. They found the collapse and began to dig. At this time one of the inspectors (father of the man, who told this story for press) suddenly felt somebody breathing near his neck. He closed his eyes, too frightened to look, what this “thing” was like. Another inspector, who was with him, unable to move, observed this with eyes filled with a wild horror. Coming to himself he exclaimed: “That thing was not from this world”!


There are a lot of similar stories to write not one "thick" book. All of them speak about one: the beings of the underground have high intelligence, technical skills and extraordinary abilities; they are also thirsty for blood and are not benevolent to a man.

In Tibet “Unseen forces are believed to be as numerous as those we can see: in every pond, forest, tree, house, dwell creatures big and small, important and humble which occasionally appear to humans in various forms, as well as in visions and in dreams.... Sa-Dag ..land owners, or guardian deities…They may appear to people as ghosts, demons, or in dreams in an infinite variety of forms, including the human one and may either help or harm depending on their disposition. Many of the creatures in lakes, ponds and rivers are Nagas, or serpent beings who belong to the animal realm. They sometimes appear in the form of snakes, or as half snakes and half humans» *. People consider that a careless structure of a house, the cabin of trees can upset or even anger Nagas and Sa-Dug. Any weakness is immediately apparent to these other-worldly creatures, and they can harm people, especially when their luck is low. In order to avert unlucky circumstances which may bring one harm, people hang up strings of different prayer flags; do the offerings of ritual cakes.


*Cho-Yang «Year» of Tibet Edition  www.reptilianagenda.com/research/r073101a.html

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