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Vishnu Purana (Hindu sacred book) also speaks about two kinds of the underground myth beings: the descendants of  wise snake Kashiapa (Gandharvas or Mauneyas) and Naga, and it adds, that these two groups are constantly at enmity with each other.

Compare to ancient Assyrian -Babylon myths. According to them the ancient competition existed between the tempers vampires Lamastu and demons Pazuzu. Lamastu were often represented as Naga, but sometimes with a head of other animal.


                               In the picture: Naga (female) and Nagini (male).

Pazuzu was either an invisible demon, or reptilelike humanoid.  Ancient people believed that amulets of the male demon-beast Pazuzu can prevent them from night attacks of Lamastu , as Pazuzu had to routinely come forth from the subterranean realm and drive Lamastu back to beneath the earth. The Greek equivalent of Lamastu is Lamia, who was also half snake half man, she and  empusai - daughters of Hecate, the goddess of witches emerged from the underworld in order to seduce and obtain genetic influx from mortal men, before killing them.  In Ireland these were Lanaun Shee – vampires, tempters, murderers of the people and… fairies.  Anglo-Saxons had Mara (Slavic -Mora), from whose name the word “nightmare” appeared. The stories about the tempters-mermaids and mermen – half man-half fish, exist in each culture on Earth, even among the Eskimos and natives of central Australia.

And now pay attention to the following fragment from Emerald Tablets of Tot (Ancient-Egyptian god of the moon, patron of sciences, writers, books and magic. 
The Greeks identified him with Hermes), found in the pyramids of 5-th and 6-th dynasty in Saggara.
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