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In a fairy tale about the prince-toad the toad achieved the promise from princess, that she would kiss him, if he got her favorite gold ball from the bog. When the princess, having got the ball, escaped from the bog, the toad began to terrorize the royal palace, making strong supernatural noise until he was invited to the princess. The fairy tale ends by the marriage between the princess and the toad turned into a prince. It is interesting, that all the amphibians in myths make their transformations and other magic far from sun light, more often at night. 

The dragons in all myths "are not indifferent" to the human virgin. The Dragon Kashchey Immortal in modern representation, due to cinematography, got the image of an unpleasant old man, while in myths of other countries he could occur in the shape of a beautiful young man.  Different peoples have a lot of such tales. In Christian countries these stories usually finished with the wedding, and what was after was held back because of religious reasons. Therefore their end in the course of time was forgotten. In the countries not covered by Christianity such stories had a continuation.

So, for example, the Indians of the North America Hopi believed that there were two races: children of the feather who had come from the sky and the reptile's children who had come from under ground.

In South Africa the reptile like humanoids are known under the name “Chitauri”. Their children, born from the marriages with people, occupy there high posts of authority ( the video of the interview of David Icke with a Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa who talks about reptile like gods of his tribe and their interaction with humans you can order on http://www.hiddenmysteries.com/cgi-bin/banmat3.cgi?entry2+x=URL ).


In the Indian holy book Mahabharata it is said, that Arjuna, the son of the king Pandu, was stolen by the Naga princess, who took him in the parallel empire in the river of Ganges. From their union the half man son Iravan was born. The similar history is registered in Narivansha, which is the appendix to Mahabharata. Yadu, the founder of a very noble family Yadava, went to sea, whence he was taken by the king of the snakes Dhumavarna to the snake capital. The king Dhumavarna married his five Naga - daughters off Yadu, and from them seven different families of people began.

In the photo: Details of the ancient Sumerian sculpture: the reptile like humanoid feeds with the breast its child. The exhibit is in the British museum.

In Japan people were even proud of the hybrid origin. William M. Mott in the book « Caverns, Cauldrons and Concealed Creatures » retells an ancient Japanese story, which took place in the village of Siota at the bottom of the mountain Soba, one of many “sacred mountains” in Japan. A girl named Mimoto, the daughter of an outstanding merchant and civil leader, was excited by a beautiful mysterious young man, with whom she began to meet at night in the wood. Tempted by his playing the flute and his courting, Mimoto absolutely lost her head. The parents were very much concerned about these strange late meetings of their daughter. They insisted her to put a strong red string on clothes of the young man in order to find out, where he lives. Mimoto did as her parents had asked. And after the dating, before dawn, when the young man had left, Mimoto, her parents and several strong men followed the string through the wood until at last it led them to the cave on the slope of the mountain Soba.  .

Approching to the cave they heard the groans of the young men reaching from within. When Mimoto called him, he answered, that he had “a needle in throat“(it was a needle, with which Mimoto had applied the string to his clothes). Mimoto persuaded him to come out, but at first he refused. Then he informed his beloved, that he was dying soon because of the needle, and that she was pregnant by his child, which he would not be able to take with him into “his world” because of his close death. After much persuasion he at last went out and the inhabitants of Siota could see his true form: the form of a dragon.

Mimoto never saw her dragon-lover again but she did give birth to a hybrid child, whom she called Akagire Taro, or Chapped Son. This was due to the fact that his skin was cracked, creased, and scaled like that of a reptile.

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