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Such protection is transparent. Prince Vlad probably had some knowledge of black magic; however he justified his name by another fact: Dracula differed by his inhuman cruelty and thirst for blood. And the thirst for blood, absence of compassion, repentance and conscience are the basic distinctive properties both of the descendants of the dragon, and the offspring of other devil creations.

The favorite way of spending his time for Dracula was to observe the tortures of the captives, sitting on a platform surrounded by sticks with human bodies piersed on them. He came up to the victims expiring by blood with a bowl, filled it with warm blood, and then... he dipped bread there and ate. Turkish chronicler wrote: ""In front of the wooden fortress where he had his residence he set up at a distance of six leagues (league varied approximately from 4 up to 7,5 km., means, approximately: from 24 up to 45 km) two rows of fences with impaled Hungarians, Moldavians and Wallachians (and Turks we may add). In addition, since the neighbor area was forested, innumerable people were hanging from each tree branch”. He was a brave warrior against the Turks and killed a lot of them, but among the compatriots he killed 40 thousand, when in that time in all Wallachia there were only about 500 thousand inhabitants! (http://www.cam.ac.uk/societies/romanian/dracula.htm).


The prince quite justified the name of his bloodline – the vampires. Not by chance in the legends of those places, where the prince lived: in Carpathians, monsters drinking blood of their victims often appear. In Russia, for example, most stories there about the werewolves are of foreign origin, but it is possible to hear the stories about the vampires in the mountain areas of the Ural. Evil spirits like the places, where there are caves, mountains, woods or bogs. Vampires are human hybrids, born from the unions of Naga or Pazuzu with people.

If for an ear of a modern man not only the relation of a man with devil creatures  sound improbable, but even the fact of existence of such creatures is put under doubt, people of the Middle Ages were convinced, that the witches were the mistresses of devils. In paintings the Devil was often represented in the shape of a dragon or a snake like creatures.


Northwest Europe (Scotland, Ireland, North of France, Belgium, Netherlands, Scandinavia) has a set of legends that essences of another world: elves, gnomes, trolls, fairies and dragons entered the sexual relations with a man. Because of inquisitions of the Roman church such blood mixing relations were carefully hidden. The truth was covered under fantastic elements.  

The most known royal dynasty of this region is the Franks Merovingian line, originates in the 4th century. Within the centuries the line of Merovingian was and still is (about it later) the most important in marriages of all French and English kings. What is this dynasty interesting for? First of all that the founder of the dynasty - Merovey, was born under unusual circumstances and these circumstances gave birth to many legends. In the encyclopedia of 1911 it is said that the chronicler known as Fredegarius Scholasticus told, that once, when the queen was sitting on the coast a sea monster went out of the sea, and from this monster she subsequently gave birth to Merovey whose name means “born from sea”. Since it is difficult for a civilized man (as it was and for the compilers of the encyclopedia of 1911) to imagine the fact of existence of such essences, he often attributes these “unusual circumstances” of the birth of Merovey to the gamble concerning the meaning of his name. However, as Laurence himself notes, in the family tree of Merovey it is clear written : « Bistea Neptunis - Mysterious sea animal »._________________________________________


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