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Another well known representative of the dynasty of the end of the 6th century is legendary king Arthur. In his skinflints, according to the certificates of the royal genealogists, the blood of all known by that time people of the world flew already. And his origin is also full of mysterious hints. Laurence says that in Arthur the male and female lines of some special Albi-genes united. The male line went from the fish kings (Merovea), female, very ancient - from the Dragon Queens. His father was the King Aedan Daldriada – the descendant of the Wood God and Pen dragon (means: the main dragon) of England in 559. His mother was the daughter of the Dragon Queen Viviane - Lady of Lake. It is necessary to say that another Dragon queen - Melucina (8th century) was represented as a mermaid. Under the certificate of  Laurence, she is still represented in the old painting in the castle of the count Dracula in Romania. The adviser of the king Arthur - wizard Merlin, according to the legends, was also of a hybrid origin.

And now tell, whether you can explain such a "game" (as Laurence tries to present it) with the distribution of such names, as «the Dragon Queen», «the main dragon», «the descendant of the wood god» and others in the conditions of the most severe inquisition, certainly, with real risk for life? Through out of centuries of inquisition, from generation to generation, they kept these titles, because they were proud of them, as the indexes of their origin: the "purest" royal blood. Laurence declares that these Albi-genes can be looked after through generations, i.e. they are distinct from genes of the majority of people.

It is interesting, that these places of north-western Europe are famous for another family line, which also has genes, distinct from other people. The Y-chromosomes of Vikings passed from father to son through the generations almost not changed. The Oxford University for $ 235 takes to establish, whether you are a descendant of Vikings (http://www.oxfordancestors.com/vikings.html ). Laurence does not say whether the blood of Vikings contains the same genes, however the conjecture arises: may be these unusual genes of the royal family and the Vikings, concentrated practically on the same territory, have the same source?

Strange as it may seem, the guess is not deprived of the bases. An origin of Vikings (known also under the names: Varangians, Barbarians, Normans) is still covered by mystery. They, as a bright comet, have flown on horizon of history and were gone. Some people consider that they came from northern Germany or Norway, others - that they came from southern areas of Russia. However, as they shared the belief in the Scandinavian god Оdin, it is easier to assume, that their native land is Scandinavia. The difficulty in definition of their native land is connected with the fact that neither before nor after Vikings people of Scandinavia were never distinguished the warlike character. The period of Vikings began in 793-5 with the conquering of Ireland and finished in 1066. For this time, except Ireland, they subdued Scotland, France, England... - practically all Europe, everywhere leading the inhabitants of the cities occupied by them in panic horror.

They were the connoisseurs of ship business and excellent navigators. By their open ships with the image of dragons they floated through open ocean and small rivers. They floated Russia through Volga and Dnepr, having based settlements, which subsequently became Kiev and Novgorod; they were in Constantinople and China. They opened Iceland and Greenland, and first, 500 years prior to Columbus, opened America. The world did not know such desperately brave bandits. Vikings did not live up to old age. They believed that those, who did not die in the battle, faced disgusting life after death under the tyranny of the underground world Queen of Hell, the daughter of the terrible Dragon Midgardur.


                                In the engraving - Viking power was visibly demonstrated in 840 AD, when they besieged the city of Paris, the most fortified center of France.

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