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As well as all Scandinavians in that time, Vikings believed, or knew, about the existence of dragons. Dragons and snake alongside with horses and swans are the most favorite element of Vikings' ornaments. They called the dragons "orm" (contemporary "worm"). The name Оrm was very popular in their environment. Certainly, their love for the images of the dragons can not be a serious reason for their reference to the real descendants of the dragon. Here it is necessary to take into account a different thing: 1) their sudden occurrence; 2) their genes, distinct from the common peoples; 3) their extraordinary bravery and thirst for blood; 4) their exit from the stage of history in two and a half centuries. On last two points  I shall stop more in detail. 

Not without a reason the dragon in all peoples was considered as a symbol of bravery. How could the people observe how brave the dragons are? These beings of the other world caused horror just by their look. They did not need to show people any supernatural fearlessness (before whom? Read, how the dragon looked like in Job 41:9-10. «Shall not one be cast down even at the sight of him?  None is so fierce that dare stir him up» - says God). The dragon became the symbol of bravery because the peoples, who called themselves his descendants, differed by violent fearlessness, contempt both to other's and to own life and insatiable thirst for blood. Such were the warriors of China, Mongols, Japanese samurais; such was Dracula, Merovingian kings, Novgorod's fisticuffers and Vikings. Vikings bathed their babies in human blood. And the paradise in their imagination was a luxuriant party, alternating with fights and slaughter, when by the end of the day everybody by a magic power were resurrected  for the next day of party and fight.

The encyclopedia of 1911 says about the Merovingian kings, that none of them reached the age of 25 years. They ““ have shown significant energy in their wars with the foreigners and in numerous wars against the neighbours, in which they have found an output(exit) for their barbarous instincts. After 639, however, race began to weaken with each king inheriting a throne». See, again the same interval approximately for 250 years (you see, the Vikings did not disappear at once: in 1066. The race of Vikings began to weaken long before the final 273 year of their existence). It is correct also for Tatar-Mongolian conquerors: their yoke above Russia, for example, existed for 237 years. Does it mean that the Dragon's genes without the periodic injection of fresh material lose their power less than in two and a half centuries?

In case with Vikings and Tatar-Mongols it was enough for Satan to revive these peoples for one 250-years' cycle. They executed the task by spreading the Dragon's seed worldwide. Besides the fact that Vikings and Tatar-Mongols had several wives, they had set of illegitimate connections, raping on the occupied territories.

For Europe, namely for England, the Satan had a different purpose. Therefore blood of ancestors of the today's English kings was constantly updated by genes, if not of the dragon then of  other beings.

Again imagine yourself for an instant on the place of Satan. Before you there is a task: to withdraw a man from God anyway. Certainly, it is more reliable to make it on «a molecular level», i.e. to pollute human genes, as it was made before the Flood. But "to pollute" the whole world is dispersion of efforts (easier to make it through people, who already have unhuman genes). It is better to give such relations the form of a fairy tale not to make further generations focus their attention on strange relations between the dragon and other creatures with a man.

Before the introduction of Christianity Satan didn't care on which land to appear. Therefore he, certainly, preferred the centers of civilization of that time: Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Rome, China, and Japan. After the establishment of Christianity he could not remain in the center of the Roman Empire any longer, where the Christianity was strong, but had no reasons to leave China and Japan. The dislocation was necessary only in Europe. He needed such a place, which would be: 1) in remoteness from the center of Christianity, that the people could not expose the motive of lustfulness of underground creations right at the beginning; 2) it was desirable to have this place limited by natural barriers, that the inhabitants of this place crossbreed among themselves, and Satan's genes were kept and became stronger; 3) certainly, this place should be either the center of civilization, or to be in interaction with it, that the people carrying unhuman genes, could influence the course of history of mankind.   

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