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The Satan knew that Europe would always remain the center of Christianity, therefore it was especially important for him, but there he had to be especially cautious. Reasoning so, what place in Europe the Satan needed to prefer? Certainly, northern areas of Europe. And especially the territories surrounded with water: Scandinavia, Great Britain, Ireland islands. Isn't it logical?

That means, if our assumptions are correct, these countries should have especially many legends and myths of AD years about the dragons and others water-underground essences. Look at the map of Great Britain (http://www.wyrm.demon.co.uk/ukdracs.htm), where the places of occurrences of dragons according to legends are pointed. Doesn't it say that this country was one of his favorite? *


And what does the science say? Can the science of genetics somehow help with revealing the truth? In the book “HIDDEN NEIGHBORS: The Genetic Victimization of the Surface World” Wm. Michael Mott sets a very interesting message which arrived from an Information service of agency Reiter from March 22, 2000. According to these reports, a group of geneticists of Trinity College in Dublin, led by Daniel Bradley, determined that the oldest "pure" racial bloodline in Europe still exists in the West of Ireland, the furthermost western edge of Europe. The scientists correlated the surnames with the male Y-chromosomes and reconstructed a 1,000-year-old genetic map of Ireland. The conclusion genetics is: an Irish is the true representative of the "race" which is distinct from other European races.

The scientists examined the Y-chromosomes of men with Gaelic surnames from the far Western province of Ireland and found that 98.3 percent had a group of genes on the Y chromosome known as haplogroup 1.

Furthermore, more than 98 percent of men with Gaelic names in the Western half of the island had haplogroup 1, but numbers dropped significantly on the eastern side of Ireland, whereas there's a gradient of haplogroup 1 across Europe which starts at almost zero in the North Far East and grows to almost 100 percent in the West of Ireland.

So neither Vikings nor Tatar-Mongols came to North Far East, myths about the dragons, kidnapping princesses, were not created there. In Ireland, on the contrary: this country was first won by the Vikings, and its isolation from other countries due to water barriers and traditions allowed to keep dragon genes in the purest kind. Does anybody still doubt that dragons existed?


* There you can read many British legends about dragons.

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