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Behind the taken stone there was an infinite tunnel leading downwards under ground. The monks decided that before letting the dwarf out, they would give him «a good Christian education». The abbey and the brothers bestowed upon him patience and kindness. However the dwarf refused to break his silence and to take any food, he sat all the time on the bed with his legs a crossed, looking silently at the wall. All this brought the monks in confusion, especially, when several weeks had passed. 

Having learned about the mysterious visitor of the monastery, the bishop arrived. When  the bishop saw the dwarf he began to insist, that the dwarf is the child of the Devil, and he can not be among the servants of God. The abbey convinced, that any creature is equal in eyes of God, and that by patience and love they could help this unfortunate essence to take the right way. Then the bishop said: “Bring me a cross, and I shall prove, that he can not stand at it”. When the cross was brought, the strange visitor of the monastery suddenly jumped out of hands of the monk in the window, slipped in the unlocked doors of the wine cellar, and disappeared in the underground hiding place for ever. Besides Gervase, some other monk chroniclers described this visiting of the Brunia monastery by an unusual creature.

Anothers beings of myths, in which existence people believed are fairies. Alchemists of the Middle Ages were sure, that fairies are material, i.e. had flesh and desires of flesh, but they were of more perfect and more thin type of matter, somewhere ‘ between the man and angel. ‘

According to Reverend Robert Kirk (THE SECRET COMMONWEALTH OF ELVES, FAUNS, AND FAIRIES, 1691), the fairies who abducted and later released him were composed of "congealed air" or a finer type of matter. Yet, fairyland entrances were often with subterranean regions, such as barrows, tumuli, ruined hill-forts, mounds, caves and wild gorges and chasms and the like, i.e. through the same places, whence all evil spirits come.

Through the centuries, some people theorized that the fairies of the British Isles were fallen angels, the souls of the pagan or non baptized dead, or the actual hidden descendants of races (or species?) of man which had been defeated by the Celts and driven into hiding, eventually beneath the earth. There, after a long time, they often became diminutive in form and stature, due to cramped quarters, poor nutrition, and inbreeding (Walter Evans-Wentz, THE FAIRY FAITH IN CELTIC COUNTRIES, 1911, pp. 166-67).

According to the Encyclopedia of Islam *, in some Muslim countries the existence of the Eastern fairies djinns even to this day is accepted on the legal basis. The Muslim jurisprudence gives them the complete lawful status, and the relation between them and mankind, especially in questions of marriage and property, were seriously investigated by the lawyers.  


                  In the picture: a jinn steals a princess.

Many people consider folklore fairy tales, legends and myths as are only the product of human imagination, and fear of the man before dark caves, bog, night cemetery and other dark places as innate. However a baby does not know a fear. The fear comes later together with experience. Then where does this fear in people come from? And how is it possible to answer the question, why all these devil beings are so similar to each other, irrespective of place and time of creation of myths? The answer is only one: these beings existed (and later you will see, that they exist today), and the fear of the man before darkness and creatures of night has quite real roots.

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