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The inhabitants of Iceland, as the population of the island with isolated genetics, especially suffered from the activity of these creatures. Icelandic Sagas are filled with incidents of collisions with elves, trolls, fairies, gnomes and so on. A famous Icelandic Saga of the 14th century about Grettir (Translation from the Icelandic by G. H. Hight, London, 1914) lets understand, how commonly these beings were assumed by people. The hero of the Saga Grettier killed Skeggi in the middle of the day, and when the people of Thorkell asked him where this man was, Grettier answered, that he was killed by the woman - troll ogress, and he saw it. "Then Thorkell's men sprang up and said it was impossible that a troll has taken the man in full daylight." We see how familiar the inhabitants of Iceland were with the habits of the underground creatures.

But what land, do you think, could brag of the largest variety of kinds of these essences? Certainly, the same, which was chosen by the Satan: the British islands (England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland). There are 34 (!) * of them. And though they frequently receive the separate name depending on sorts of their activity (for example: fairies, which force the travelers down from the way; fairies, which live under earthen embankments; and fairies, which scream at houses, where someone should die), but even externally there not less than 15 types exists: three feet in height with brown faces and shaggy hair; a dark blue witch having tusks and sometimes three faces; 18 inches high, dress like miners and knock with the hammers, where there are ores; small spirits, which live in trees; red skinned, who wears a red cap and a coat and helps the farmers; large, ugly and hairy; gnomes, living in dungeon and protecting treasures of ground; mischievous water spirit, which takes the form of the horse; fairy-tempter, preferring people of art (as an muse of ancient Greek), which for the inspiration exhausts forces of life from a man, who concludes the bargain with her; old and terrible fairy, which loves to live in loneliness; the phantom of hunting dogs, which carry away people to the god of the underground world; half man half goat, which loves to be near waterfalls; mermaids, singing so, that it is very difficult for a man to go away from the artful melody; very white skinned god of the underground world; horseman without the head (as the majority of them can change the shape, the precise allocation of types is  hardly possible).


According to the legends many fairies stole children, sometimes laying an ugly and malicious child instead of the human one. Such child was called changeling. These babies were never happy, they howled and screamed all day long; coming in joyful excitation only, when there was a disaster in the family. Approximately two weeks after arrival in human family changelings had a complete set of teeth, legs so thin, as the bones of a chicken, and hands bent, as claws of birds and covered with light, fluffy hair. They never took breast, but ate usual food and differed by extreme appetite, though were always skinny and looked hungry.
                                                                       Having a changeling, even the rich family was compelled to struggle desperately for existence to support the hungry monster. Their very dark eyes looked much older, than their real age. Their skin was wrinkled and yellow. They hardly moved on extremely thin legs. One positive feature, which changelings had, is their ability to music. Not being trained, they could play any instrument so, that everyone, who heard them, were amazed with their magic music.


*there also.

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