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Usually changelings did not live up to teenage age, they dried up and died. In the popular book of the Irish author Bob Curran «A Field Guide to Irish Fairies»  (http://www.irelandseye.com/animation/intro.html) it is said, that when for some reason the tomb of the changeling was broken, a skeleton of the baby was never found there. The writer also mentions meeting a changeling 10 years of age, and says: « It appears that fairy women all over Ireland find birth a difficult experience. Many fairy children die before birth and those that do survive are often stunted or deformed creatures”.

The Irish still undertake various safety measures that their children were not stolen or changed by fairies. They have same concern about feeding mothers as well, because they believe that fairies can take a woman to feed their children. And it is also considered, that fairies can double themselves and give to the other half an image of a man (adult changeling)  while they steal the man.

Another being: Grogoch, as was considered, was the native of Ireland and he was half man half fairy. They are similar to the very small elderly people, completely overgrown with dense reddish hair or fur. They are very inaccurate, live in caves or splits in ground, can become invisible. They can help people with collecting of a crop, but more often they are prevented. 


Like many fairies grogoch is afraid of clergy and a priest and will not enter into the house, if there is a priest. It is interesting, that there were noticed only male Grogoch.

Male and female fairies often tried to have the love relations with people. And though it is considered, that as the members of Sidhe (pronunciation as "Shee"), or Irish magic world, fairies Tir fo Thoinn (Earth under Waves) have natural antipathy to people, they often tempted people and even concluded marriages with them.

                                    pagee146manSex.jpg (12438 bytes)     pagee146womSex.jpg (17936 bytes)

Because of traveling on the cold sea water fairies wore the seal skin, they were called "selkie" (that on Gael language means "seal"). Water male fairies among the seducer were seldom met, and the creatures covered with scales were described as very ugly. The human woman could give a birth to the child from the selkie man, but their relations were short-term. Usually after seven years selkie came back for his child, offering the mother a payment for the kid.


 In the medieval engraving you can see the dispute between the Devil and people about the child.

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