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More often among water fairies the tempers were female fairies, and the myths are full of love stories similar to the story «Johnny Croy and his Mermaid Bride» (http://www.orkneyjar.com/folklore/jcroy.htm).

Johnny was the most hansom  and courageous boy in all Orkney Islands. Once he caught a floating tree at the sea shore and heard a perfect voice singing an extraordinary captivating melody. It was a mermaid of unusual beauty, which sat on a stone and combed her golden hair. Johnny crept imperceptibly behind to a perfect creature and kissed her. The mermaid escaped from his hands and rushed in the sea, having dropped a gold crest. When she saw the crest in Johnny's hands, she from water asked him to return it to her. Johnny answered, that he was not going to give the crest back to her, that he fell in love with her and he would not be able to love anyone else and asked her to stay with him. The mermaid knowing, that only having a human beloved, she could keep her youth and beauty, asked him to come with her to her people, where he would be very rich and was not agree on any arrangements. At last, the mermaid was frightened by people approaching and left. When Johnny came home, he told his mother about this. Johnny's mother, Granny Croy, was a very wise woman, she told her son: «To receive this sea maiden, you should hide her crest very carefully; it is her most dear treasure. Hold it, and you will have power over her. But be wise, my son, accept my advice: throw the crest in the sea, and forget her. People of the sea are not people of God”.


But Johnny Croy could not forget the charming mermaid. He hid the crest carefully and could not fall asleep, thinking about the beauty all night long. At dawn he was woken by the familiar melody. It was she. She was sitting at the bottom of his bed and was so magnificent, that Johnny tried to say a pray, but because of delight his lip did not obey him. The mermaid asked him again about the crest and offered Johnny to live with her in the crystal palace under water. Johnny did not concede. Then the mermaid said:

“I am making the perfect offer to you. I shall be your wife, and I shall live here with you for seven years, if you swear to go with me and everything, that will be ours, to visit my people after that time”. Johnny was in the seventh heaven with happiness and swore to keep the bargain. They got married and lived happily and in prosperity, having given birth to seven children. 

When the seventh year passed, the perfect wife began to collect stuff for the trip. But Johnny's mother, Granny Croy, was doing some preparations also. At night she insensibly took out the youngest grandson from the cradle. She made fire, heated up an iron cross, and then she put a cross on a naked body of the child. 

In the morning, when Johnny with six children was already in a boat, the wife-mermaid went to take the smallest from the cradle. But at the moment, when she touched him, she felt awful burning pain and started back with wild shout. Up to the coast she went with the hung head and sobbed, that she could not take the child with her. There was a strong wind, and the boat with the family Croy quickly disappeared behind the horizon. Neither Johnny, nor his perfect wife and their six children were noticed in Orkney again.

Granny Croy brought up the kid and named him Corsa Croy, who became the bravest and the most beautiful boy on islands. When his grandmother died, Corsa Croy took the sward. He participated in crusades, and people said that the enemies fell before his sward like thistles. He happily settled down in a southern country, gave birth to many children and became rich and known, because the descendants of sea people are always beautiful and successful.

There are a lot of similar legends in northern Europe. Sometimes such legends have a different ending: the mermaid found at last her thing and went back to the sea leaving her husband and children alone.

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