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Bob Curran says that « Many coastal dwellers have taken merrows as lovers and a number of famous Irish families claim their descent from such unions, notably the O'Flaherty and O'Sullivan families of Kerry and the MacNamaras of Clare. The Irish poet W B Yeats reported a further case in his Irish Fairy and Folk Tales: "Near Bantry in the last century, there is said to have been a woman, covered in scales like a fish, who was descended from such a marriage".

All fairies-charmers almost always make miracles only at night and are somehow connected either with the underground world, or with water sources and caves. Even those who live in trees prefer old powerful oaks, through which they could penetrate under ground. They can change the form, move in space. These are the same charmers as the Nagas. And, as it is told in the legend, they need a human beloved to support their beauty and youth. With what purpose did they kidnapped people to their kingdom? The purpose is same: to have human genetic material at hand.


W.Mott* gives the most interesting case which occurred in the XII century. Gervase of Tilbury, a monastic English chronicler, recorded the report of two "children" suddenly appearing close to a village near Burry St. Edmunds, England. Gervase's tale was also recorded in the writings of chroniclers who were more less his contemporaries, such as the Abbot, Ralph of Coggeshall in the CHRONICON ANGLICARUM; William of Newbury, in the HISTORIA RERUM ANGLICARUM, and also the chroniclers Walsingham and Giraldus Cambrensis.

The importance of these records can not be underestimated, as medieval Christian monks were not in the habit of lying. The reports about strange events were always investigated by the Church itself, before being categorized as natural, unnatural, or supernatural events.

Near the village of Wolf-pittes at ancient trenches or pits known locally as the "wolf pittes (pits)," for which the village was named, two disoriented, haggard young children –a boy and a girl were found. They wandered like blind, stumbling over the stones and falling. They were hungry and exhausted, and spoke some strange language, which nobody could identify. But most important thing that attracted the attention of the peasants was the color of their skin and hair: olive-green. Despite their outlandish language and greenish coloration, the villagers took them in and they were sent to a local home to be cared for. 

At first, the children refused any food, until someone brought some beans, still in the pods; these they fell upon ravenously, and for a long time this was all they would eat. The boy, however, could not cope with new conditions, he began to suffer from melancholy grew thinner, was tormented and died. The girl flourished, began eating more surface foodstuffs, and lost her green pigmentation. She learned to speak English and lived to serve in the household of the knight, Sir Richard de Caine at Wikes, who had taken her in, even baptized; but she was she was "rather loose and wanton in her conduct (from Ralph of Coggeshall, as translated by Thomas Keightly, 1828)." 

She asserted that she came from a vast cavern world of eternal twilight, where all the inhabitants were of green coloration. There was a wide underground river there, which they never crossed, but they could see another cavern world on the far side, which was «more brightly lit». More than once hearing the strange rings (perhaps these were the distant local church bells), she and her brother decided to find out, where they coming from.  This "immunity" to "church bells," which according to the tradition are usually anathema to underworld beings, points to the human origin of children, i.e. they were either stolen being babies, or were Naga - human hybrids.

*W.Mott,HIDDEN NEIGHBORS: The Genetic Victimization of the Surface World

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