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Children went higher and higher until they lost their way back. They wandered for a long time without any orientation until at last they were issued ahead and joyfully run outside. Here they were blinded by the bright midday sun. By touch they tried to find way back to the cave. Just at this time they were found by the villagers. The monastic scholar William from Newbridge, at first skeptical about this account, decided to found out by himself  if the story about green children was true, in a few years after this event. He investigated it extensively and found it accurate and truly related in every detail, as the girl had eventually matured into a beautiful woman, and had married a man from the town of Kings Lynn. And their descendants may live among all of us--may even be some us--in the present day.

In present days the meetings with all sorts of fairies have become frequent but as you will see later now they prefer other forms of apparitions. Today we also have many certificates of existence of some strange hairy humanoids, who has supernatural abilities; they are called «bigfoot». More often such humanoids were observed in areas, where there caves, deep lakes or other water sources are. Are they somehow connected with Nagas? Yes, the connection of Naga with hairy monsters is obvious. This connection can be seeing after in the Anglo-Saxon epic poem BEOWULF.

The hero Beowulf fatally wounded Grendel, hairy large troll-cannibal, and the monster escaped in its den at the bottom of the bog to lick the wound. The hero hurries the comrades on the struggle with the awful mother of Grendel: «... ...let us go as quickly as we can,
And have a look at this lady monster.
I promise you this: she'll find no shelter,
no hole in the ground, no towering tree,
No deep bottom of a lake, where her sins can hide.
» (dungeon, trees and waters are the dwelling place of Nagas-fairies).


When Beowulf and his comrades came up to the bog of Grendel and his mother, they saw strange scaly monsters-reptiles protecting the entrance in the underground den of trolls. And at first they killed them.


Then Beowulf dived into the bog and found himself in the place, filled with air. Grendel's mother was waiting for him. She won many heroes, and numerous swards of dead warriors, hanging there on the walls testified her victories over them. The battle began. But Beowulf's sward did not do any harm to her thick scales. The monster tried to fall upon the hero, but he had time to snatch out a massive sward, hanging on the wall, and pierced the snake skin with it. She died, and Beowulf searching for wounded Grendel went downstairs through the dark dungeon. Grendel was dead. So, both these monsters: Naga and troll were, at last, killed.

In this legend we see the snake like Naga, her son – hairy humanoid-cannibal and predatory reptiles controlled by them. They are all mortal. God allowed to be immortal only to the giants' souls.

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