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Beowulf found Grendel's mother in her real shape, but, as all fairies-Naga, she could change the shape. In «Arabian Nights» Richard Burton describes awful cannibal ghulla, which at desire could show up as the beautiful woman.

The underground inhabitants are telepaths; they can change themselves and create illusions. It is their method of charm. From the depths of consciousness, from the human dream they can get imagination of an individual about his or her ideal beloved. Influencing the thin structures of human mentality, they can compel the person to obey them. And nothing can rescue a man from their attacks, but the belief in God and prays. All myths warn about the danger of connections with crafty fairies-Naga. They destroy human lives easily and without any regret.

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In ” Secrets of the Left-Handed Tantra, ” A.T. Das tells about his own account of an encounter with an subterranean demoness  - Naga, who emerged from a stone-lined well (revealing a link both with the underworld, and with underground water-sources, much like Celtic fairies with their wells and 'fairy bridges').. Naga, tempting people, creates an illusion of completely human form. She “slides” rather than walks. Her manner of movement reminds either of snake sliding, or hanging in the air. The using of illusion or “charm” also refers to western fairies.

Ten minutes after my friend fell asleep, I trembled, as a cold tingle crept up my spine. Leaping to my feet and turning around I saw something that made my heart almost stop. Bathed in the moonshine a tall statuesque women stood on the well's rim. I was sure she didn't walk to that place because I was watching. Her eyes were closed. For a moment I wondered if she was a sleepwalker. In face and physique she did not resemble an Indian woman . She had long loose hair that hung down over the front of her body to her knees - otherwise, she was naked. She was hauntingly voluptuous in a way that was both enticing and frightening.


Staring open mouthed at this apparition I nudged my sleeping friend with my foot. He sat up with a shock, turned to see what I was looking at, then gasped and scrambled to his feet. At once her eyelids lifted revealing twin orbs from hell to penetrate the darkness with a glare like the eyes of a tigress. She fixed those terrible eyes upon mine and stepped off the well alighting to earth as if she was not heavier than a wisp of cotton. The woman's legs propelled her forward. I cannot say she walked or ran or floated for these words will not simply be able to give you an accurate picture as how she advanced upon us. Her legs moved without bending at the knees making swift little steps of such fluid effortlessness that I was reminded of the locomotion of a centipede. It was almost as if below the waist her body was motorized for when her legs started her head and upper torso with her limbs snapped back slightly from the sudden forward motion at least to our vision."

After a terrifying encounter in which he and a friend narrowly escaped her clutches, the experienced was told: "You saw Mohini, a demoness from the underworld. Had you known how, you could have entered a pact with her for the next cycle of Jupiter (twelve years). You promise to satisfy her lust once a month, and she will do your bidding in return—protect your property, destroy your enemies, whatever. 

"But a pact with Mohini is very dangerous. When she comes for sexual satisfaction, she may assume eighteen forms in the course of the night, expecting you to fulfill the demands of each one. If you cannot, it will cost you your life. And if during the twelve years of your relationship with her you have an attraction to another woman, that will also cost you your life. You suddenly vomit blood - finished." 
I asked, "Why was she attracted to the white stones?"
  (his Indian friend threw some white stones aside, that allowed them to win time when running from her).

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