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So, if from an union of Naga with a man beautiful and courageous people are born, who are the so-called changelings, grogoch, goblins, gnomes and "yeti"? Where did Minotaur, Indian Ganesha (the man with the head of an elephant), Egyptian gods with bird's, wolf's, bull's and crocodile's heads, the Celtic wood god with the head of a deer and others come from? They are the result of genetic experiments of Nagas. As we see, an unsuccessful result. Some of them do not live long, others can't reproduce, and all of them are ugly.

                  pagee152cernunnos.jpg (11542 bytes)     

In the photo: Ancient Greek Minotaur, Celtic Kernunnos, Indian Ganesha.

Investigating the myths of various peoples we can notice some similarities. Probably, it is easier to investigate the mythology of Ancient Greece, as the most familiar to the average reader. Using our shallow 3 aspectual classification (Pazuzu - Naga - hairy monsters), we could refer Zeus, as well as all Olympic gods of Ancient Greece, to immortal Pazuzu (dragon),  the fallen angels or angel-human hybrids. To Naga we can confidently refer all sea and wood nymphs and titans. Myths say that they compare to gods, are mortal, but can live for thousand years.

As we already know, from the union with Pazuzu-dragon a human woman gave birth to brave men, who externally did not differ from other people. So for example, Zeus seduced Argos princess Dana  and she gave birth to the hero Perseus. The woman Alcmene also conceived from Zeus and gave birth to the hero Hercules. From the union of nymphs and titans with a man the brave men were also born who did not differ externally from other people. So, the nymph gave birth to Achilles from the mortal man Peleus. Gods were born from the unions with gods, nymphs – with nymphs, titans – with titans.


Aphrodite is the angel-human hybrid - the goddess. Satyr, Triton and Indian Kali are Naga - hybrids.

Now let's see, what was the result of crossbreeding Pazuzu and Naga in the Greek mythology.

From the connection of god Poseidon with sea nymph Polyphemus was born Cyclopes –cannibal, who was killed  by Odysseus. From god Crones nymph Phylira gave birth to Chiron - centaur (man - horse). From god Poseidon the sea nymph gave birth to Triron – man-fish. From god Hermes the nymph gave birth to satire (man - goat), another nymph from  god Hermes gave birth to Pan (also man-goat). From the giant (i.e. angel-human hybrid) Pallas the nymph gave birth to Nike - woman with wings. The goddess Gaia gave birth to Echidna (woman-snake), Furies (women with heads of animals) and Gorgons (women with snakes instead of hair) from the spirit Tartar etc.

As we see the crossbreeding between the creatures  of the underground world often results in ugliness. And it is natural, that as a result of union of two ugly essences the ugliness in the following generation becomes more expressed. From the woman - snake Echidna and dragon like Typhon Chimera with the lion's head, goat's body and tail of the snake; Hydra - a huge snake with many heads; a sphinx – the hybrid of a woman, an eagle and a lion and other monsters were born. 

The legend says that Zeus put the fallen titans in Tartar - an underground empire. The time of their authority had finished, and the time of government of the gods began. Тhe titans were the result of the first genetic experiments of angels. They were angel-animal hybrids before the creation of Adam and Eve. Certainly, when people were created, angel-human hybrids or gods began to govern the dark forces of the Satan.

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