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How the evolutionary theory can explain the origin of such genetic disease as gigantism?


Doctors will tell you, that gigantism is caused by the disorder  of hypophysis function. However, why was its function changed? Because in genetic code this infringement had already been imprinted. The Bible gives us quite a certain answer, whence the genes of the giants appeared in genetic heritage of mankind (see page 119) .  


In the photo: in an archeological museum at the mountain Blanco, in Texas – a femoral bone of the giant by 120 sm. (47.24 inches) of the height, found during the road construction at the end of 1950-s in the south-east of Turkey on the territory of Euphrates Valley.  

But even to those who believe, that man was not formed by himself, but was created by Allmighty, it is difficult to imagine, that human genetics could have been deformed by the Devil. How to explain then, why the man has 4 types of blood, which are further subdivided into positive and negative rhesus? Eve was created from Adam's flesh and should have had the same type of blood, as Adam. The same type should have been inherited by their children. Now we can not even tell what type was the primary one.

And, if there was no evolution, how is it possible to explain the origin of such defects as membranes between fingers, dwarfness, or such ugliness, which the actor of carnivals Grady Stiles the Junior known by his scenic name as «Lobster Boy», son of the «Crab Man» Grady Stiles Sir  had.


His condition was not just the birth defect, but presented a set of inherited features, successfully handed from father to son during six generations. His hands were similar to the crab's claws, instead of legs he had seal like appendages reminding of water fins. Where did these deviations in human society appear? May be such an anomaly had its latent century history. Pay attention to medieval sculpture ( on the right), where the hybrid, a humanoid amphibian, is represented.

It is interesting, that behind the side-scenes of the circus Grady led the life full of atrocity and severe tyranny to his family. When one of his daughters tried to escape from home in 1978, he coldly shot the potential son - in - law. Because of good protection and compassion to his condition he managed to avoid prison. However the lesson was not for benefit. He continued to scoff above his family, bragging, that he can do everything what he want without a punishment. In 1992 Grady was killed by the neighbor employed by his own family.

In the book, “DEMONSEED: CHANGELINGS, HALFLINGS, AND HUMAN MONSTERS”  Wm. Michael Mott gives some historical examples of people's strange behavior, which can not be explained only as a result of bad education, but has deeper roots, probably beginning in their nonhuman origin. 

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