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Blood of Satan 
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The serial killer can not stop by himself. He is programmed on murder. Their irrepressible drying up and killing thirst for blood will push them to  new and new bloody affairs. Whence is this strange thirst? Bad education? The deformed genetics? Or possessed of  the Devil? Probably all three. However, if last two assumptions are difficult to check up, bad education, as the reason for such brutalities, does not often prove to be true.


The legends about the giants-cannibals exist worldwide. Why some representatives of the human society have this perverted thirst of human blood, can it have ancient roots? 

The leading FBI expert of serial murders Robert Ressler, answering to journalists  questions about Chase's case, confessed that probably some failures on the genetic level result in development of such human monsters. The question remains: whence do such genetic inclinations or anomalies occur?

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