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Look attentively at these skulls. Plenty of such skulls were found in Peru, especially in the Nasca Plateau, area known for its mysterious symbols, seen clearly only from a plane. Such skulls are also available in the museum of the Mexican city Merida, which is close to the ruins of Palenque.



Anthropologists recognize that obvious increase of the size of a skull could not be caused by compression it in certain places during the lifetime of an individual, which for the aesthetic purposes was practiced in many ancient tribes. Similar deformation of the skull could not also be caused by illness. The structure of the chaws, eye apertures and nose part is absolutely different from everything that is known nowadays to the science. These skulls are very much like human ones but they do not belong to a man. To whom then? The anthropologists have no answer, but in local Peruvian churches people know that these are the skulls of the fallen angels' descendants.

Can it be that because of polluted heredity, the worst individual among us is not completely ours? And though externally he does not differ from other people, can he actually be not quite a human? Various myths and folklore traditions all over the world clearly confirm such notion. But for the statement that the defective genes had come to us from the other world, we need at least the proofs of existence of that world. Why don't we know anything about it, for tourists have visited all mountains, caves, forests and bogs? Where is it located?

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