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                       Photo with satellite: an entrance to the inferno?

Why did the researchers in the far North found ice rocks covered with red pollen of an unknown plant? Why did they find the seeds of tropical plants in these waters, if they were not found in southern waters? How could the logs and branches of trees, sometimes with fresh buds on them, be found in these waters from the North? Why foxes, hares and bears were noticed leaving to the North of Greenland? Why do the birds fly to the North? R. Cook informs that in glaciers not only the mammoth but hairy rhinoceros, hippopotamus, lion and hyena feces  were found - not petrified, but simply frozen. Even capillary blood-vessels still kept their contents, showing that there hadn't been the smallest decomposition or destructions of issue, but the accident, which had killed them, was sudden. Some times it was possible to find an iced mammoth body in excellent condition. In the stomach of the animal not digested food was found: young sprouts of a pine and a fur-tree. That means that the animal had been frozen within minutes. Therefore the theory that extinction of mammoths had taken place because of sharp change of tropical climate of the Arctic, does not maintain any criticism.

The Swedish researcher Nordenskiold in “Arctic Voyages” confesses that the discovery of mammoth bones in the Siberian tundra or on huge plains sand banks is a riddle for the geologists. These shoals were formed rather recently, but they contain the remainings of animals, which, as the scientists believe, had died out some thousands years ago. He says that the Tundra was formed under climatic conditions similar to modern ones, which is confirmed by geognosy after studying the formation of the strata. Therefore for a long time it was a puzzle for geologist that in those sand strata plenty remainings of mammoths, rhinoceros, lions, hyenas, etc. are found , i.e. types of animals which in present live only in tropical or subtropical climates .

How it is possible to explain such "anomalies"? Gardner declared that the Earth is hollow inside, that opening in these cavities exists in the polar pole, and that mammoths, as well as other animals and vegetation, arrive with waters from the interior of the Earth, where they exist till now. It is obvious, that warm water flows come out through the opening and through the places similar to the Bermuda triangle the waters go inside, forming the closed cycle of the water circulation. He also said that the diameter of the opening is so large (1,400 miles. The modern information is different), and the crust of the ground, on which the opening is bent, is eight hundreds miles thick, therefore the descending curvature could not be noticed by the researchers. He also explained the essence of certain optical and magnetic effects, because of which the location of the pole was established by the researchers wrongly.

At once after  the publication the book of Gardner became rare in the majority of libraries. It proved that there is a large area which is not registered by any map. The area is probably larger than all the surface of the Earth. Naturally, any government, which would learn about such an extensive territory, would make all efforts to open the unknown land first, and keep the information about it in secret up to its discovery.

Therefore the government of the United States since 1928 for 1947 organized a series of polar expeditions to the North Pole conducted by the admiral R. Byrd. What Byrd opened became known to broad masses only now, when his son published the diaries of the admiral “The exploration flight over the North Pole. The Inner Earth My Secret Diary”, to be more correct the quotations from the diary about the Arctic flight of February 19, 1947.

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