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It doesn't seem that ancient gods are peace-loving. The Internet is full of messages about meetings or telepathic contacts of people with three types of the "aliens": Nordics (are externally similar to people, can be blonds, brunettes or red haired), reptoids or reptilians (reptile- and dragon-like which can accept human shape) and greys. Greys are laboratory hybrids; they don't reproduce themselves since they don't have any organs (including productive), and were noticed in both groups. It is known, that humanoid "aliens" are constantly at enmity with "reptoids", often the two fighting groups are described as "tero" and "dero". Nothing changed…

They try to represent themselves to us as some other creatures with which people had never collided before (for the last 3600 years at least). But let's analyze how the «aliens» look like, where they occur, what they do on Earth, and what they say about themselves.     

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                                          The Nordics         

1.    First of all - their appearance. Some of them do not differ externally from people, but the majority has external characteristics of reptiles or underground inhabitants.

2.     They avoid bright midday sun, especially greys and reptoids, and occur before people basically at night, as well as all the essences of the inferno.  

3.     They frequently have sulfur smell. The myths say that deuces have such a smell.

4.     They are responsible for the murders of people and cows by using a strange method, when all the blood was absolutely extorted out of the victim, as vampires and werewolves do.

 5.     They can be called by performing special rituals of black magic. With the help of magic Alester Crowely, theorist of high masonry, in 1904 in Cairo (Egypt) came in contact with an essence very similar to modern grey "alien". The result of this contact was a Satanic  “Book of the Law”, in which it was affirmed, that «desire is law», and any actions can be justified by desire.  

 6.     They can pass through the walls, occur from nowhere and disappear, move subjects by mind, make the man motionless during the kidnapping, put him into the hypnotic condition, erase from his memory the violence. As ferries, trolls and other beings from myths did.

  1. They occur before the man, often ignoring his strong unwillingness to see them. As demons and jennies did.


8.  They constantly hide themselves and carefully destroy any traces of their visits, trying to create the visibility that they do not exist (recently they have changed their tactics. Look at  the item 14). Myths are filled of stories how different fantastic beings desperately followed those men who dared to steal some even very little thing from their world.  


9.      Sometimes they hide themselves inside of a man and control him, often in spite of the will of the examinee. As it is done by demons.

 10.  After the kidnapping they receive physical and intellectual control above the former kidnapped. They can communicate with him telepathically, creating voice inside of him. They say that he is a favored one and promise the award for assistance in execution of their purposes. They can force the man to execute something against his will, including raping, heavy crime and suicide. Because demons hate a man and if at the beginning of their control a man thinks about them as of kind and careful after they will show their anti-human nature any way.

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11.   They say about themselves that they are representatives of Light, or the highest spiritual energy, and they want to bring Light to people to help us to achieve the highest spirituality, without which the mankind doomed on extinction during forthcoming global changers. But the name of Lucifer also means: «Light bringer».

12.   They kidnap people basically with the purpose of collection of the genetic material. Isn't it strange, that entities which came to us from another planet, kidnap people not for study, for example, the peculiarities of the structure of human brain, organs of vision and hearing and so on, but no, their interest is almost always accented on productive organs: they take sperm from men, ovules from women, sometimes women are used as substitute mothers. Myths tell us that many fantastic beings were interested in human genetic material.

 13.     Their flying saucers were always noticed either near water, or in area of mountains, or in places, where there are many caves, i.e. the places selected by devil beings.

 In 1992 at the Cambridge University MIT, Massachusetts, the conference “Abduction Study Conference” was held, where 300 cases of kidnappings of people by aliens were investigated in detail. In conclusion of their researches it was found out, that from 300 kidnapped nobody had ever seen himself leaving ground and going to space, or entering into other world from space. However many of them saw themselves in various underground interiors.

In the book «Alien Identities» Dr. Richard L Thompson gives a lot of cases of kidnapping people by «aliens» to the caves, under ground or even under the sea (http://alienidentities.com/ai_ie4.html ).

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