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The alien’s visits became so frequent, that the government can not keep it in secret any more and announce the people, who saw them, visionaries, or even worse – insane. 

On the 9th of May, 2001 in Washington the press conference «Campaign for Disclosure Witness Panel Press Conference» under the management of Steven M.Greer was held, where more than 20 witnesses from military circles, government, intelligence, science officers made their reports. At the conference the governmental documents and other proofs of unearthly presence were presented. The conference has not left any doubts in the reality of this phenomenon.  They are here, near to us, do their black businesses on the sly, and obviously prepare to leave the cellar in the nearest future.

17. The greys (there are 12 kinds of them counted) are the executors of the orders sometimes of Nordics, sometimes of reptoids. They are the most often visitors. After the wreck of their ship at Roswell in 1947 four corpses of the greys were found, according to some information one was alive and lived in «Area 51», secret military complex in Nevada, till 1952. That is why the physiological features of the greys are most investigated by people.

They have grey skin as dolphins have. Their fingers and toes are membranous, as all reptiles have. Instead of internal organs they have circulating system of grey substance. They have no sexual organs and anus. The screenings excrements are deduced through their skin with sulfuric smell. 

When they are hungry, they have greenish color. Their large black almond-shaped eyes seem solid because of the black filter in them. They lack liquids in body and require human or bull blood and ferriferous liquids to survive. They absorb it through the skin.


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They carry out genetic experiments with people, but the kidnapped often declare, that near the operational table were either reptoids or humanoids like Nazies.

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