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18. Often after a contact with them a man realizes, that these beings are either dangerous, or indifferent to people and look at a human like a farmer looks at the cows. They perceive a human as if he was a lowest essence, and are capable to murder people to get the desirable liquids. Many people say that greys are chronic liars. 

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19. The other abductees said they had experienced incredible feeling of love, happiness, euphoria. They are sure, that these perfect and wise creatures from the perfect world are wishing only to save people, to lead them out of blind alley, where the mankind had led itself. 


Even in spite of the severe experiments which have been carried out on them without using anesthetic, these people worship their former torturers and even miss them. In the given cases people experience nothing else but the effect of love magic known from old times, when the feeling of love is inspired to a man, and without this inspiring the object of love can cause not only indifference, but hate and disgust. 

Reread these 19 points once again and tell, if there is at least one of the characteristics, which could not be referred to the inhabitants of hell?

No. Because they are the same Nagas with their reptile like variety, and the same more cautious Pazuzu. Having maximum intelligence and highly developed technologies, they always at once or after having achieved their purposes through charm expressed indifference to the fate of people, and, in the long run, contempt for them, therefore, as the creatures of hell, they never keep their promises given to a man. Considering people to be the lowest essences, they still strive for association of their genes with ours (why not with the same advanced races from Ťother planetsť?). Human blood is necessary for them to maintain their vital form.

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From ancient times man knew, that there was an authority or power, which is directed on destruction of mankind as a whole, though in many cases he was unable to specify what was behind this plot. This lack of understanding the reality by mankind is one of the main strategies of the enemy. The snake race tries to blind and confuse the peoples of the Earth concerning its true character. They withdraw man from the Word of God, and, using his trustfulness and ignorance in the questions of spiritual war occurring on our planet invisibly to the human eye, they silently, but perseveringly, interfere in our life. Through hybrid bloodlines they supervise and rule the mankind, having subordinated the governments of the Earth by lie and promises.

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