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They hope that like before the Flood, they will manage to pollute blood of all people for win the dispute with God and to win the Earth for themselves. But Bible about the last 10 kingdoms before the Day of Judgment* tells : «…And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.» (Dan. 2:43). That means that they will not win the souls of all people. They will tempt many of them, but the believers in Christ will not follow the instructions of human hybrids, no matter how cleverly and logically they convince «in the name of happiness of mankind» to obey super-intellegent "aliens".

Recently the book of well known in Los-Angeles jazz singer Pamela Stonebrooke «Experiencer: A Jazz Singer’s True Account of Extraterrestrial Contact» issued. There the singer writes about her personal contacts with representatives of the extraterrestrial civilization. The book became popular before its issue, it caused wide resonance in public, and discussions on the topic of kidnapping, as well as the stories of other former kidnapped were widely represented in mass media. As a proof, Pamela more than once demonstrated to doubtful scars on her leg, left after «aliens» took some pies of her skin for their experiments.  


                                   Cover of a new Pamela’s disk.

Pamela says that thanks to her frankness many people who were kidnapped earlier  leave the anonymous shadow. «I believe that within ten years the reality of alien abduction will be accepted as a fact by the majority of people on this planet, and ridicule of the subject by the media or anyone else will be regarded as naive and irresponsible. ».Describing her experiences of the communication the singer asserts: «Certainly, the reptilians use sex to control people in various ways. They have the ability to shape-shift and to control the mind of the experiencer, as well as to give tremendous pleasure through their mental powers » **.

Pamela looks at intrusion of “space” entities into human life with optimism. She considers that to survive in new conditions, it is necessary for mankind to evolve within the short period of time, and the shortest and the only way to salvation is the hybridization of mankind. « My feeling is that the entities that we come in contact with are soul groups that we have had incarnations with. … Perhaps through the hybridization program we are creating a species that our spirits will one day inhabit?…  We can switch on that dormant DNA and accelerate our spiritual evolution, often beyond our capacity to articulate it. Homo Noeticus...the next leap in our evolution. ».


               In the picture  is represented reptoid, as Pamela saw him.    

In her dreams Pamela has already seen her four hybrid daughters. She says about the reptiods: «I feel that they are  souls of group of mine, as are the Greys». She declares that she was entered into the special condition, when she could see herself in her past lives: « In a past life regression I did recently, I went to a very remote period in earth's history (perhaps hundreds of thousands of years ago), and saw myself as one of a brotherhood of reptilian warriors facing a catastrophic event in which we perished together (it was possibly nuclear in nature, since I saw a red cloud and felt tremendous heat). I believe that on one level, I may be meeting these entities again, perhaps fellow warriors from the past warning us of an impending, self-inflicted doom - or perhaps they are different aspects of myself ».


*About it later in the chapter «I announce...».



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