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After heavenly war in 1849, when all the angels of the Satan were thrown to the earth  (about it in the chapter «I announce from the beginning»), and ancient Naga with Pazuzu received «new reinforcement» and they changed the tactic. They decided that the best result in deceiving of mankind can be achieved being represented to people as entities from another, more advanced, planet. The mankind of 1849 was not ready to swallow this bait; it needed to be moved up on a technological level, sufficient for acceptance of idea about life on other planets. It was necessary to push up mankind in outer space to convince it that there is no God in the sky, but there are the space brothers.

And the intellectual elite of the Satan started whisper in the ears of scientists unusual ideas

We know that Mendeleyev at first saw his periodical table in a dream. The world famous for his researches of UFO phenomenon Dr. Richard Boylan (www.drboylan.com/kidxplr2.html) writes that many scientists received their extraordinary ideas thanks to the telepathic loading of the information by the “aliens” during the night dream: « Einstein received such information to inspire some of his advanced theories. When NSC Special Studies Group member Dr. Michael Wolf was at Princeton being studied as a child prodigy, he had a conversation with Einstein, who was not surprised that young Wolf got some of his advanced ideas during nocturnal downloads, too. And NASA technology consultant David Adair tells of a conversation with world-famous physicist Stephen Hawking, who asked where David got his advanced technology concepts. "These ideas come to me during sleep," Adair responded. Hawking replied, "If you had given me any other answer, I would not have believed you. I get those 'Dreams', too."

 How else can it be explained that during thousands of years mankind was stuck  in one place, gradually posses the skills of molding metal, manufacturing paper and fabrics, manufacturing porcelain and construction of a printed machine  and others and since the middle of the 19th century as from the cornucopia the uncountable scientific discoveries began*.  

In 1859 the work of Ch.Darwin «The Origin of species» issued, where he proved the theory of evolution - most dangerous idea ever existing on earth, with the help of which the Satan withdrew from God millions of people. By this time we also refer the beginning of movement for female emancipation, the fruits of which are: lonely mothers, early abortions, divorces, change of a woman ideal from a home keeper to a emancipated prudent prostitute last generations reap. During thousands of years women wore long clothes, reasonably covering body from lustful sights of the opposite sex, but since 1870-s, at the life of one generation, the length of the skirt sharply jumped upwards on half-meter! 

 When the task in progress of mankind in space achievements  was executed, it was necessary to give to man knowledge for creation of the COMPUTER, to make it possible by the time of their arrival with the help of computer to take into account each living soul. 


*Judge by yourself. In antiquity the Greeks opened unusual force, which drew light subjects after friction pieces of amber. During centuries people step by step mastered knowledge about the peculiarities of this phenomenon. In the 16th century the scientists differentiated static electricity from magnetisms. The fullest nature of electricity was investigated by B. Franklin in 1752. M. Faraday in 1831 introduced the concept of electromagnetic field and put forward the idea about the existence of electromagnetic waves. In 1837 electromechanical telegraph transmitting signals Morse was invented... And now we shall glance, what electricity discoveries were made after 1849.

1869 - electrical generator; 1876 - telephone; 1877- sound recording devices - phonograph; 1879 - incandesce lamp; 1884 - jet steam turbine; 1891- kinetic scope-moving pictures; 1895 - radio receiver; 1901- Marconi G. transfers electromagnetic signals through the Atlantic ocean; in 1910 the Japanese monopoly "Hitachi" for manufacture of industrial and household electric equipment is already created; 1925 - in England the Scottish engineer Baird J. showed the first television technology; 1947 - the transistor is invented. 

 The doctrine about atom as the smallest indivisible particle for the first time was offered by Democritus in 400-s BC. In the 16-17th centuries it was developed by Bacon, Newton and Galileo. But only by the end of the 19th century scientists began to understand the structure of atom. In 1897 electrons were open; in 1902 - protons; in 1919 by Rutherford the nuclear chain reactions were investigated; in 1932 –neurons are open; in 1938 it was established, that at splitting atoms of uranium large energy is released; in 1942 – the first nuclear reactor is created; in 1945- nuclear bombs; in 1953 – thermonuclear bomb; in 1954 – the first nuclear power station; in 1957 - first satellite.

From 1850 to 1900 not only theoretical bases were incorporated, but also the first steps practically in all the spheres of modern activity were made. In 1856 G. Mendel studied the laws of heredity that put the beginning to the science of genetics. In 1869 – Mendeleyev offered the periodic table, in 1860 – cesium is open, 1861- rubidium and thallium, in 1895- helium, in 1898 - polonium and radium. In 1890 – the first steam flying device was created. In 1895 the x-ray beams were found out, in 1897 - the engine of internal combustion is created.

In 1940, only in 60 years after the invention of a bulb, there already were the first COMPUTERS!!!

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