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This is the god of our terrestrial leader of computer technologies - Microsoft. You see the words of a pray «Our Father » mixed with a set of Masonic symbols. So what god Microsoft pray to? Who gave all this advanced knowledge in exchange for the abducted  people.

When this task was also executed, in the development of what sciences could the inhabitants of the inferno be interested? Certainly, the science of genetics. Genetic experiments are their favorite hobby. It was necessary to interest the people in realization of experiments, in creation of clones – artificially created human doubles. Having no soul, they can be good cases for Pazuzu. Then Pazuzu  can more actively influence human public opinion

After the cloning of the sheep Dolly in Scotland in February, 1997 the experiments of cloning animals began to be carried out most actively, because the following step is cloning of a man. And though very small number of animals-clones are born alive (among calves 75 % die on first two months of pregnancy, sheep only 1 of 300 embryos develops normally), and even those who survived have various genetic defects, some of scientists-genetics already assert the right on cloning a  man. They prove their position by the fact that using the cells of human embryos, they can artificially grow any human organ which will not be rejected by an organism because at creation of the organ the cells from own body of the man who needs this organ will be used. Cloning can solve not only the problem of restoration of missing and ill organs for the invalids, but also enables to have children to the pairs, in which both partners are fruitless, as well as to pairs of homosexuals and lesbians.

But cloning also opens very dangerous opportunities: for example, it is possible to double a dead man or give birth to a child from a dead. The rather known recently Chicago scientific doctor Robert Seed in an interview to the "Sun" for September 2001 said that today a lot of governmental money goes on the development of the cloning program.

                                   Dr. R. Seed gives an interview

Officially this program is submitted as cloning of various parts of the human body. «English medical men stepped far forward, closer to transformation of the world into the nightmare». Explaining the danger of cloning, he said: «The cells from more mature embryos can be used for cloning organs, from which they are taken... But in the cells of unripe embryos¸ the genetic code, which determines what they will become, is not printed in yet. And  this for the scientists, as a ball of genetic clay, from which they can mould everything what they want». And further the scientist said that he saw the report of the method of mixing the human cell with the similar cell of hippopotamus for creation of the so-called humohipp. He said that it will be a giant creature with strength and size of a hippopotamus, but he will walk like a man, will have very big hands and will be used for rising massive objects. He will also have a human brain, but consciousness of a 5-year-old child. There also were other projects – guinea-pigs, birds, tigers…                                                       

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