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The usual photo at the inspection by the same device does not give any effect of dimensions: the photo placed under the beams of this device becomes double-dimensional, as well as any picture. But the image on the Shroud was THREE-DIMENSIONAL. It once again confirmed that the Shroud is not the work of an artist, but the real trace of Jesus' body, left after some radiation, unknown to us.


While researching the three-dimensional volumetric image of the Shroud strange anomaly was noticed: eyes showed unnatural camber, as though something round was put on them. It turned out that according to the old Jewish tradition coins were put on the eyes of the dead man, and the size of the coin of that epoch in accuracy corresponds to the size of the bulges on the eyes.

With the results of the American experiments the hardened skeptic Dr John Robinson was compelled to recognize that for those who doubted the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin there is no chance to deny or subject to doubt the fact of its absolute authenticity.

At 1983 after the death of ex-King Umberto of Italy, the Shroud of Turin passed into the hands of Vatican, who gave the permission for its carbon research. Three laboratories were involved, the University of Arizona in Tucson, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, and the Oxford Research Laboratory.  The results shocked the whole Christian world: Radiocarbon Dating research showed that the fabric of the Shroud was made approximately in 1000-1500. 


In the picture: the portraits of Jesus created according to the image of the Shroud. From the author: the artists transferred rather precisely the features of the face, however, the eyes, expression and fine details of the face are the imagination of the artists.

Dr Garza-Valdes from San Antonio, who held the chair of microbiology at the Health Sciences Center of the University of Texas, proved inaccuracy of the Carbon method. In 1996 the textile wrappers of two Egyptian mummies were investigated. With the help of the carbon dating method it was determined that bones belonged to 1510 BC and the wrappers which preserved   the very form of the flesh  - to 255. The difference is more than 1700 years! The difference in the age of body and fabric of the other mummy was 400-700 years. It turned out that because of bacteria it is impossible to determine the exact age of the objects with the help of the given method, and the degree of discrepancy grows with its age: the older the object is, the more is the discrepancy. The results of the carbon research of the Shroud were cancelled. 

(By the way, carbon tests are up to now used for the definition of the age of archeological finds. And you can hear that the 100 thousand years old remains of a man are found make the conclusions by yourselves). 

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