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Maitreya descended from a hidden high place or "power vortex" (variously identified as the Himalayas or outer space) and "overshadowed" a chosen spokesman, with the help of whom he relayed his "transmissions", which were the instructions from the Hierarchy to guide the human race into the next cycle of "evolution". Thus, there were already the five incarnations of Christ in the five sub races of the Aryan root race: they were Buddha (in India), Hermes (in Egypt), Zoroaster (in Persia), Orpheus (in Greece), and Jesus (at the River Jordan). And the present contemporaries should soon see the sixth embodiment of Christ.

The people of NA do not believe that Jesus died for the sins of people. They even do not believe that Jesus died on the cross. They think that Jesus after Calvary married Mary Magdalene, moved to Southern France and gave birth to two sons and a daughter, two from which, in their turn, related with the Merovingian kings (p. 136). Therefore the book by the royal genealogist of Royal House of Stewart sir Laurence Gardner “Bloodline of the Holy Grail” became so popular. 


He proves, that in the veins of the present Stewarts* blood of Jesus himself flows and for this reason the royal family of England (or House of Windsor) related with Stewart through the marriage of prince Charles with Diana. Now in young hansom William, the first child of Charles and Diana, the blood of two powerful royal bloodlines uniting the genes of king David, Solomon and Jesus flows, that means, that he can safely apply for the imperial throne in Jerusalem. Emphasizing the connection with the Israeli house of David the English kings are still crowned in Westminster Abbey on the Stone of Destiny, on which, as they believe, Jacob slept when he had a vision from God (Gen. 28).  


Picture 1 - Under the seat of the British throne - «the Stone of destiny».

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2 – The genealogy of today's queen of Great Britain, Elisabeth II, is widely represented in the book market of the country. Below, near the throne of the English kings, there is an inscription: «the Throne of David, which is the throne of the Kingdom of God above Israel ».


*The line originates from the Scottish king Aden - father of the legendary king Arthur.

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