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“This is a terrible thing to say: In order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people a day. It is a horrible thing to say, but it's just as bad not to say it." (Jacques Cousteau, UNESCO Courier, Nov. 1991)*.


The basic principle of NA for human development: a survival of the most suitable, is known as “social Darwinism“, therefore with the purpose of preparation of masses for the acceptance of idea «of natural selection» in human society the theory of evolution is still taught at schools.

 It is impossible to tell in one book about the fact that governmental ups with Illuminati conduct the latent blasting work on reduction of the population for a long time; about the fact that Nazi doctors from the concentration camps were secretly transported by Vatican  in the secret military area 51 (was mentioned in connection with aliens) and  continue their medical experiments there, sometimes on the nothing suspecting people; about the fact that in drinking water in the USA fluoride was added during decades, which according to the supervision of the Nazi medics makes people more obedient to authorities, however causes different kind of cancer (in America there is the highest percentage of cancer in the world!); about the fact that some kinds of cancer, AIDS and the recent fatal virus of cattle in Europe were created artificially; about the dispersion of chemicals above the localities and about many similar things. The information you can find in the Internet – there are thousands of websites there. The website   http://www.topsitelists.com/bestsites/conspire/topsites.html - gives some addresses.

In 1996 in 6 countries for the first time with a commercial purpose generically modified (GM) corns were planted. In 2000 already in 40 countries on 6 continents under GM crop 45 million of hectares were engaged. Under the excuse that the plants with changed through the molecular biology genetics technology are steadier against drought, wreckers, illnesses, cold and, as a consequence bringing much more harvest at smaller expenses, can help to feed the hungry in the countries of the 3-rd world, the Rockefeller’s fund charitably finances planting GM of rice, soybeans, potatoes, corn, wheat, tomato and cotton in poor countries. The majority of people do not know that illuminati Rockefellers have absolutely non-charitable purposes. All plants GM are sterile, i.e. their seeds are not suitable for planting, and therefore farmers will have to buy expensive seeds annually, on what in the poor countries there can be no means. But it is not all. The most terrible thing is that through cross-pollination because of GM plantings the “natural” plants will also become sterile. It will result in the fact that global food production will be completely under the control of the several companies, which will dictate their conditions to the world. At the end it will result in the real hunger, death of millions.   

Their plans on reduction of the population of the Earth with the help of the 3rd world war the NA masons impudently demonstrated on the walls of the Denver airport. 


Memorial plate with a masonry symbol and words: «the airport of the New World» gives clearly to understand that the airport was constructed on the mason means, and that in the establishment of the new world order the special role is given to it. About Denver airport there are now many messages in the Internet . Its construction was conducted, as construction of a secret  object. It is known that its multilevel underground part is much more extensive, than the exterior one. The assignment of the underground complexes is kept in secret, and they have no practical use yet, however because of strong locks and gates they very much remind of a huge prison for several thousand people. From the workers of the airport the information on strange incidents confirming the extraterrestrial  presence in the underground structures comes.


* from H.Newman, «The Rainbow Swastika».

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