What is Bible?

Who is Jesus?

Was there the  

Why Jesus is 
the only way

Shroud of Turin 

confirms Bible

Science and Religion

What is Evolution?

Coded Bible

About the Jews 

Prostitute -the 
false church

Society of Jesus 

Knights of a Temple 



Blood of Satan 
- Cain

Fallen Angels

Devil creations

Here are dragons

Fairys, Naga...Gods

Are genetic defects - 
price of evolution? 

Another World

Aliens or old gods?


His Name  

How old the mankind?

Book of Daniel

"Revelation" of John

The signs of times 

Mark of the beast

Let me introduce:  Satan

The will of God

Prayer of Jesus




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In the picture: earth on fire; in the background an Indian girl holding in hands the tablet of Maya, which speaks about the wreck of civilizations; in the center the extinction of some kinds of animals is shown. Below from left to right - in coffins: a Negro, an Indian woman and a Jewish girl with the Bible in hands and with a star on the chest (such stars were sewed on clothes in front and back to all in Jewish ghetto). It is not the picture of the 2nd world War, wich almost touched neither Negroes, nor Indians. It is the picture about the 3rd World war when the death will march  on all continents.

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Here is somebody in the military form and gas mask with a sward and automatic device. Around him there are women with dead children.

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