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Consciousness should be freed from any other restraint (such as traditional morality). Disciples with no patience for plodding toward enlightenment can "accelerate on their path" through drugs, blood sacrifices, hard rock or deviant sex (as in all pagan religions: drugs and drumming in African religious rituals, sacrifices - at Incas and Aztecs, prostitution - in India, Japan, Greece and Rome).

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To the right: Sheela-Na-Gigs – Celtics mother-goddess of Earth does not look holy at all.
To the left: modern worship the goddess of Earth is as well as in ancient times the worshipping of sex.

When the guardian spirit enters a man, it completely suppresses his individuality and takes his mind and body under the complete control. For the last several years this phenomenon became rather often. The spirits which taking the possession of a man are called ‘walk-ins’ and in Internet there are a lot of stories about people possessed by them. As compared to the possessed described in the Bible which were aggressive to themselves or to others the modern «walk-ins» behave very much decently and people which have undergone their attack, do not experience any unpleasant emotions. On the contrary, the victims of their attacks usually confess that their power level and self-estimation have increased. Besides, they often show some talents unnoticed at them earlier, and become even more kind-hearted with others. People surrounding them can notice the change of the individuality of the man. Slowly, gradually and the benevolently the demonic spirit takes complete control above the mind and individuality of the man possessed by it. While it answers to the plans of the Demon, the victim will seem quite normal and happy. But it is only beginning.

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