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All religions made by the Satan are antihuman. Indian Shiites whip themselves with knifes until they fall unconsciousness; in the Aztec relief: heart is cut out from an alive victim to mollify the sun god; in Mayan relief - little blood sacrifice (to attract the attention of gods): a woman stretches a cord with thorns through her tongue.                                                       

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For the final fight with the God it is necessary for the Satan, that the demons Pazuzu took the possession of more human souls. For this purpose he tries to present a demon Pazuzu as a guide spirit to people not knowing the Bible, and his possession of a man, as a pleasant adventure, which everybody should have in order to be saved. But it is his temporary shape. The Satan' creatures hates a man – the image and likeness of God. Their main desire is to do harm to God, destroying people, invaluable in the God's eyes. When the time comes they will destroy all «human cases».

Ruth Montgomery in her book “Herald Of The New Age”, written in 1986 under the dictation of the guide spirit, says that the "walk-ins" are «Souls which came through many lives of spiritual growth have deserved the right to come back directly to the terrestrial plan as the adults» (p. 202), i.e. without the beginning of the following terrestrial life cycle with infantile age. And further she writes that these souls intend to help mankind at a difficult stage of transition to New Age and "tens of thousands [as of 1979] of them are already here (p.13)". Her guide spirit also opened that the next decade much more of them will come to help people. For the execution of the Satan' plan the penetration of the "walk-ins" should take place at each level of the society. The possessed should be among the ordinary husbands and wives, doctors, lawyers, scientists, businessmen, political leaders, teachers and clergy.

The NA members teach: “Blank your mind and listen to your intuition. Don't try to reason with logic” (Ruth Montgomery, Strangers Among Us, p.154). This message is repeated endlessly through main entertainment, medical and educational channels.

The mind... must be ultimately sacrificed in order that the Great Work be accomplished.  By the death of the mind consciousness is released to complete perfection” (Manly P. Hall, Lectures on Ancient Philosophy, p.65).  Bailey also describes the loss of individuality where "the lesser light... of the personality (personal self) is absorbed into the greater light of the Angel or soul." The original personality becomes only a "shell" which has undergone "the fires of purification". (Glamour, A World Problem, p.269-270).

Every possible meditation by means of which a man releases his mind from all conscious ideas (with the help of repetition of the same phrases many times, with the help of looking attentively in crystals and others) is an open door for the Demon - «Guide Spirit ».   Johanna Michaelson in the book “The Beautiful Side Of Evil” tells that the spirits presented themselves to a man under different names, including the names of Jesus, Mary or somebody from the apostles. The man involved in any kind of meditation, happens to be really deceived, thinking that he has found that unique true way to real contact with God. But actually he contacts with a Satan's demon, who temporarily transformed himself to the essence which seems very kind, gentle and wise. Demons should mislead a man to rule a human victim. People become possessed by the Devil, being sure thus that they were elected by God for realization of some prime target. The NA initiated having no his own way of thinking and desires, is predetermined to follow the instructions of his «internal god» - demon Pazuzu without reasoning. 

All the ideas of the theorists of NA were exclusively the result of “revelations” of these «internal gods» - «the keepers of wisdom». Practically all New Age leaders wrote the books in the form of the automatic letter: under the dictation of their spirits. Many people think that these «intermediaries» give "messages" from their own minds, which is likely in many cases.  However, there are too many cases when channelers are conveying real, verifiable information which is not accessible to them on the human level; some of them undeniably receive knowledge from the source outside of the human reality. 

There many "guardian spirits" are appearing to people today, some of their pictures you can see HERE (it will take some time).

The changed condition of consciousness will at the end lead the individuals to dedication himself to the Lucifier. Those who cannot (having no soul) or who will not «work at their consciousness» (not sufficiently developed their spiritual potential), will simply be "sent on to their next life" in the global "cleansing action" (Alice Bailey, “The Rays and the Initiations” pp. 754-755).

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