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Since evil according to the doctrines of NA is simply another side of good and not a sin, but moral instability, a murder in New Age will not be thought as a crime, and that is why will not be pursued on court. The murder will be considered as the tool of karma in transferring someone to his next life. The sin and the evil do not exist, as well as there is no punishment for sins and no hell. For the realization of the inner wishes of a man all sorts of dirty bents will be acceptable: sexual distortions, Lesbianism and Homosexuality, polygamy, prostitution, hazardous games, drugs -... all this from the name “God in you”, and all sickening acts – it is just the other side of your internal god. Everything can be both bad and good simultaneously, and it is necessary to perceive everything calmly.

New Age strives for unity and peace. They want to make this world such a convenient and favorable environment, that God will be just unnecessary.

The question arises, how can such a sudden cardinal change in the life of people of the whole planet happen? 

Probably the same as it had been in Germany before the war. Numerous historians and sociologists tried to analyze, how almost suddenly the Nazism became the new system of values among civilized, humane people. The matter is that the Nazi doctrine was represented to the complete generation of Germans, and was brought up on magic, cosmic mythology, medieval knowledge and stories of the confidential trustees of Ancient Wisdom. Books of the genre of scientific fantasy, books on mythology and about “world catastrophes” and also books reminding of today's film-hits were published and read covetously. Fantastic stories from the life of Hitler himself which spoke that Hitler was elected from above to save Germany were widely spread*.

Knowing that the German Christians would not easily accept open return to paganism, Nazism removed from the Bible the Jewish-influenced "negative" parts, that is the Old Testament and most of the New Testament, imposed Gnostic meaning on key passages, added colorful pagan legend, and repackaged it as "positive Christianity" (Jean & Michel Angebert, The Occult and the Third Reich, p.202-203). All churches except Catholic were closed. All the priests who were against the new ideology were eliminated.

For the creation of new highest race of super-people each man had to achieve «higher level of consciousness» free from "dirty and degrading chimera called conscience and morality" as well as from "the burden of free will" and "personal responsibility" which had to be handed right to the few with the fortitude to make the crucial decisions necessary for the good of humanity (Sklar, p.58). Special attention was paid to the growing generation. Education began with the revision of the fairy tales about the   struggle and death of heroes for the liberation of their race. They were inspired that they were born to die for Germany and the great god Votan (Odin) materialized in fuehrer; that everyone is born for the execution of some special patriotic mission for which he would have the award in the next life.   There was an endless activity which required passive participation without leaving free time for thinking of it over or discussing it.

And probably the most important moment was Hitler' terrible ability to cause in the people that what could be called «changed state of consciousness». When he spoke to someone face to face or before the crowd, the effect was " a sort of dizziness, which it took some doing to shake off " **. 

Outsiders who watched him bringing crowds to hysterical euphoria attributed it to his knowledge of mass psychology.  Others who encountered this phenomenon at close range such as Hitler's early friend August Kubizek (see “The Young Hitler I Knew”, quoted in Sklar, p.50) were convinced that his power did not come from himself but from channeling a supernatural presence, which eventually was referred to in Nazi circles as the "Unknown Superiors".  Practically all the Nazi commanding was interested in occultism, spiritualism and astrology and many of them had contacts with these "Superior" spirits. In staff of Reich there were some magicians, among which was Carol Kraft whom Hitler especially trusted and who for 6 days foresaw to Hitler an attempt of 1939.


*When Hitler participated in the War in 1914, he was sent with a letter in another division, and when he returned, no one in his division left alive. In 1939 an attempt upon his life was made: the platform exploded in one minute after Hitler left it.
**Jean & Michel Angebert, The Occult and the Third Reich, p.232-233.
***The Young Hitler I Knew, quoted in D.Sklar, The Nazis and the Occult, p.50.

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