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The SS soldiers had to take part in the occult ceremonies; they were given Ancient German names. Hitler called his generals as «my apostles». For everybody he was the Messiah, the savior, a reincarnated deity. He said that the new pure nation requires a new religion - to give himself to Germany. Those few who did not want to recognize «new religion» were considered traitors and were shot.

The idea about the selectiveness of the Arian nation as the nation of «children of light» was dinned to people. All "non Arians" were recognized as people of the lowest kind unworthy life: they were either "humanely" moved from Germany (in 1935 the Jews were proclaimed not citizens of Germany), or sterilized, or destroyed in concentration camps in the name of the high goal.

Achieving the creation of "pure" Arian race, the race of super-people, the fascists also "cleaned" their fellow-countrymen. Invalid were sterilized; all newborn passed through a selection commission consisting of three doctors, which decided if the child was worthy of life or not; all chronic patients and then children who had some ugliness were secretly poisoned; the standards like what size should be a head or nose were developed, and if someone did not fit he "casually" died.... As we see, Hitler faithfully followed the doctrines of NA.    

Do we have any results of similar preparatory work in the planetary scale today? Unfortunately... 

It is widely believed today that modern world is now moving into a post-Christian Era. The majority of people scoffs at the Devil, demons, angels, miracles and Messiah of the Bible, but still earnestly embraces the concepts of ETs, UFOs, spirit-guides, earth mysteries, cosmic consciousness, mind-control, magic, witchcraft, self-hypnosis, spiritualism, astrology, parapsychology, and a quantum leap in human ‘evolution’ leading to the Golden Age on the Earth.

The generation of contemporary children of the world is educated before the TV. And it is not necessary to explain what is shown on TV today. Sexual elements are present even in children's movies now. Death and murder in cinema do not frighten children any more. Now more and more new films about magic and myths issued, where the conflict between good and evil is usually a conflict between black forces and white magic , and a god who saves the heroes, or even all the mankind, appears as some wizard who independently developed his magic power

In modern "daub" there is Jesus. Only nowadays people ceased to be afraid of God, and exhibition of such "painting" became possible.


Below there is an illustration taken from one antichristian website. An inscription:  «do not allow the dead man influence your life”. In the right there is a T-shirt with an inscription “Two dead Christians are better, than one”. T-shirts similar to this are possible to order for 15 dollars on the website www.Killgod.net..

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The painting "Hotel "Jesus"" is a cry of a Christian soul. 


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